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Trail Cam 6

Trail Cam

Trail Cam: Earlier this week, I sucked up the remnant warmth of Summer, as Fall starts to turn rainy and colder. I went for a longish run on the Korkki Ski Trails, reveling in the ankle-deep leaves that made for a surprisingly-loud run. Quite simply, I was in heaven, from...

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Dear Mr. President 2

Dear Mr. President

I’m not really “political,” in the traditional sense of that term; in fact, I can just hear your cries of outrage if you knew how old I was before I voted for the first time. And to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if or when I’ll vote again...

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I Am Yours, and You Are Mine 3

I Am Yours, and You Are Mine

“I am yours and you are mine”–Peter Shaffer, Equus When I set foot on the West coast of Ireland, at the age of 20, I believed for the first time in reincarnation. Nothing had ever before felt so familiar and right. Thus was launched a long-distance love affair, played out...

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Oh, Honey 5

Oh, Honey

A crisis can be an ongoing frustration, and with our investment in an 88-ounce bottle of honey, my frustration was not only ongoing but also sticky. Why did we buy a bottle of honey so ungodly big? Short answer: we’re cheap. The longer answer is something eco-concious, wherein we’re trying...

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Animals Under My Feet 1

Animals Under My Feet

Animals Under My Feet: Let me preface this entry by saying that I do like animals. We had two dogs and a cat in our household as I was coming up, and the dogs in particular were my special pals. I would hug and seek solace in them as I...

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Spandex: It Keeps on Giving 1

Spandex: It Keeps on Giving

O Mighty Crisis Let me tell you the tale of an old college acquaintance–let’s call him Joe-O. Now Joe-O is a character in and of himself; he’s strident about leaving the smallest “footprint” he can on the planet, to the point that he only buys in bulk, composts everything, and,...

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Story of An Hour 1

Story of An Hour

Here’s the story of an hour of my life, an hour that felt like an eternity: About nine years ago, when I was still young enough not to know better, I lived alone in what I called my “Unibomber Shack” down in Austin, Minnesota. That’s right, I lived in Spamtown,...

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O Mighty Isis Crisis 0

O Mighty Isis Crisis

If you are over the age of 35, you may have watched the Saturday morning tv show called O Mighty Isis waaaaaay back in the mid-1970’s. It is irrevocably linked in my brain with another Saturday morning show called Shazam. At any rate, these tv shows, along with about ten...

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