O Mighty Crisis started in 2006 when I required students in a freshman composition class to create and publish blogs — it seemed only fair I experience the thing, too. After sixteen weeks, the students fled my class, screaming and ripping out tufts of their hair, swearing they’d never again write anything voluntarily. Not so for me. Surging towards my 700th post (only 324 of them about me getting lost in the woods), I still find myself compelled to chronicle every half-formed thought that wafts through the empty chamber of my skull. My apologies.

To contact me: omightycrisis@gmail.com

If you use the email, practice your finest civility. Otherwise, do as your mother always advised and hold your tongue (also: why are you typing with your tongue?). I’m very fragile.


  1. Ms. Pihlaja,
    Are you in permamnant exile from the original O Mighty Crisis, or is this new incarnation merely a taxi vehicle to ferry you through until you return to the homeland?

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