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This Little Red Hen has spent a great deal of the past year with her beak tipped to the clouds, anxiously clucking “The sky is falling!” I could detail the challenges of 2016, but we all know what happened. For some people, it actually wasn’t that tough of a year....

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This Wrap-Up Is the Only Thing I’m Wrapping

I didn’t wrap one single gift this season. Relatedly: this was my favorite stretch of holiday weeks ever. It actually started with Thanksgiving, when we curtsy-ed our way out of traditional family celebrations and, instead, invited friends from Massachusetts to visit. Were I to highlight a moment that illustrates why I loved this...

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Taking Stock 22

Taking Stock

As one year ends, and a new one begins, it is tradition to slow down for a moment to take stock. Although I generally chafe at tradition, and although I tend to exhaust myself by taking stock every day of every year, I do like the notion of recording some...

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A Night Like Any Other 11

A Night Like Any Other

In 2000, when our first child was born, my dad bought us a video camera to aid in documenting the special moments. Although YouTube and America’s Funniest Home Videos intimate otherwise, video cameras are rarely present during the truly special moments. It was extremely lovely, however, to be able to point...

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W.W.O.D.? 37


  If there is a circle of life, that circle just might be the “O” at the start of “Oprah.” It all starts and ends with Her Royal TalkNess, dunn’t it? If we need a book to read, she tells us what to buy, and invariably we’ll find ourselves gratified...

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