Foiled One: Sunday, February 25

Perkily, she greets him. “Hi, Haakon!” As is his way, he extends a quiet hello. Then, at loose ends for the few minutes until class starts, she notices someone else she can greet. “Are you Haakon’s mom?” she asks, extending her hand towards me. As I nod, she adds, “I’m Mrs. Rebecca King.” We shake […]

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Five in Five: Sunday, January 28

Last night we turned on PBS, and there on Austin City Limits was Run the Jewels, mics in hand. Turning to Byron, I laughed, “Wow. In about thirty seconds, we’re going to hear the words ‘bag of dicks’ for the first time ever on public television. Do not tell the Dowager Countess!” Discreetly, the broadcasters opted […]

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