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  • Hitting the Motherlode at Mamalode

    Hitting the Motherlode at Mamalode

    I’ve been writing this blog since 2006 and, before that, pouring words into wild Christmas letters that took so long to read my friends were still working through them come New Year’s. All this fun writing is great. But recently, I decided to start submitting essays to a few publications, just to see what that…

  • Waning


    The poor boy inherited his mother’s bad throat. A crummy night’s sleep, an overtaxing day, a demanding week, and there they go: the tonsils. Swelling, scratching, kissing, and aching–tender tonsils manifest┬áthe stress. My life has been peppered by throat ailments. They must have become more persistent in adulthood, as having my tonsils removed was never…