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  • From a Kindred Spirit

    Below are responses to Allegra’s latest survey questions written by a woman who has become a great friend to me in recent months. She’s supportive, she’s attentive, she’s crackerjack smart, and we just GET each other. Will I ever forget that she drew me vowel charts to help me improve my Russian pronunciation? No, I […]

  • A Slice of Leslie

    I met Leslie in July in Washington D.C. at Fulbright orientation, but in the flurry of those quick days, I didn’t get to know much about her beyond my observations that she is intelligent, poised, organized, and professional. It was clear why she’d been selected as an English Teaching Assistant (now living in the city […]

  • The Latest Survey: Jocelyn’s Responses

    As many of you know, Allegra has been making, distributing, and collecting surveys and responses since she was in the second grade. Now on break from her first term at college, she’s done it again. Below are my responses to her latest set of questions. If you, too, would be willing to write up answers […]

  • Survey Responses by Meredith, Julie (and Sons), and Linda

    Survey Responses by Meredith, Julie (and Sons), and Linda

    From Meredith: 1. Feeling stressed. It’s a useless response to having to meet obligations. 2. Edinburgh. Fringe festival, Pan, Scotch, the Royal Mile, men in kilts.  3. Too many hard ones to name just one. All of them right as there is no wrong answer in life. 4. Peace. It’s fleeting but once found, worth […]

  • Survey Responses from Deanna and Jessica

    Survey Responses from Deanna and Jessica

    Deanna showed up as a student in one of my online classes five years ago. After that, she became a mentor embedded into my courses; she drafted me to be the faculty advisor of our campus chapter of Phi Theta Kappa; and recently she achieved her Bachelor’s degree at the age of 52. ENJOY HER: […]

  • Survey Responses from Susanna and Angie

    Survey Responses from Susanna and Angie

    My friend Susanna, in England, writes: 1  If you could remove one thing from your life, what would it be? Greed.  Why?  Because I truly believe it underlies all the other atrocities in life such as cruelty, lust for power, lack of compassion, injustice etc etc. 2  What has been the best trip of your […]

  • Survey Responses from Byron and Virginia

    Survey Responses from Byron and Virginia

    In the next week or so, I’ll be posting the survey responses of those who have given me permission. Let’s start that roll with the responses of Allegra’s pappy and our family best friend, Virginia.  Quick aside: the first sentence of Virginia’s #6 (her ideal day) made me teary. Twenty years going back and forth […]