I don’t mean to co-opt his story. Then again, no story — even if its cast is a single character — can be told without rubbing up against someone else’s story. Indeed, even when there is only one character in a narrative, the way that person behaves, the choices he or she makes — those… Continue reading Stumped


  After a particularly hardcore session of Webkinz, during which he mined for precious gems, tackled fairies in the Charm Forest, and added a new trellis to his platypus’ yard, Wee Niblet stood up and staggered away from the computer. Leaning uncomfortably against the bed, he groused, “My legs fell asleep.” “Eep opp ork ahah,… Continue reading Ouchie-ooh-la-loobie-ding-dat

Flaking and Cursing

  Thanks to Jesus and his lot–and Lot’s Wife–I need some new swears. If it weren’t for them and all their high-fallutin’ “Biblical history,” I probably would never have heard of the Dead Sea and its abrasive salts. Which means I wouldn’t use sea salt in my homemade olive oil/cedar essence/sea salt body scrub that… Continue reading Flaking and Cursing


“You Finish My Post” Here are some photos from the big race this past weekend (I’m in the blue shirt, #2409). Because I was in a state of severe oxygen debt, I have no recollection of a single thought in my head. So you tell me: what was I thinking, as I tripped through the… Continue reading Untitled