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  • Seizing It

    Seizing It

    We stood in the kitchen, eating Sunday morning biscuits and working out a quick schedule of the day–as families do–figuring out who would drive downtown to take two boys to the┬ámatinee who would drive up the hill to help the fourteen-year-old pick out black dress pants for her band photo if anyone had moved the […]

  • The Wreck of the Edmund FitzJocelyn

    I live next to the largest body of fresh water in the world in terms of surface area. Because I have a long bendy straw, and I am very good at leaning out my window, I am never thirsty. And because I am always careful to suck up my requisite sixty-four ounces per day, the […]

  • Flick My Switch

    “Flick My Switch” I’m kind of dim.To put a finer point on it, I lack a certain natural curiosity. Of course, I want to know what’s for dinner, if Heather Mills is able to dance, and when the next Harry Potter will be released. This type of short-term, self-gratifying curiosity I have in spades.But when […]