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  • Safety in Popsicles

      I love winter for ninety-eleven reasons: 1) When I wear snowshoes, my size 10 hooves actually feel petite in comparison. This is also why I sometimes sport a pair of huge “We’re #1” foam hands when I teach sign language. 2) Scarves are the accessory that can never go wrong. I read this in […]

  • Wax On; Wax Off

    In the past week, my mid-sized burg has received upwards of a foot and a half of snow. In other words, I’ve already had my Christmas. Snow, to me, is a gift. I love that junk–slippery, light, heavy, cold, transmuting, crystalline; it satisfies my Myers-Briggsian ENFP need for change, as it takes the entire world […]

  • “Boreal” (photo: Sonja Wolter)Spring is reclining upon Northern Minnesota with unaccustomed ease. Normally, our Spring takes months to really settle in; indeed, for weeks, we get buffeted about by a variety of snowstorms, mudslides, and occasional peeps of sun, which has us all wearing swimsuits accessorized by puddle boots and ear muffs. But this year, […]

  • “Paradise White” Look at them, those long, white, snowy lines of powder. I spent all last weekend snorting them up. It was quite a binge. Two weeks ago, I was jonesing for snow. But then I pawned my fishtank, sold some plasma, and scrounged for loose change in the sofa cushions. And whaddya know…I got […]