Category: Superior Hiking Trail

  • I Did Not Either Go Back Three Days Later and Stage These Photos, So Hesh Up with Your Badgering Questions Already

    Check out my science experiment this week: When a body falls in the forest, and no one’s around to hear it, it does make a sound, and that sound is “Great Johnny Appleseed, but OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” This scientific breakthrough happened the other day when I was out for a run on one of my favorite sections […]

  • In a Fog

    It was full-frontal foggy the other day. This wasn’t just film noir, dry ice kind of stuff. Nay. This was, “Holy Haunted House, but I’m holding my hand up in front of my face, and I can’t see it!” Okay, it wasn’t my actually my hand, but I was waving something vaguely hand-like up in […]

  • Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want: This Key

    I wasn’t kidding. This story is a continuation of the previous one. I know you’re all, “Well, even though I didn’t read her last post, I’m not about to go back now and waste my precious time on it. No, I’m NOT. I’m just going to read this one here and piece it all together. […]

  • Like Finding a Grain of Broken Rice in a Particularly-Soggy Bowl of Shredded Wheat

    Blissy. That’s an apt word for how I felt during my run on the Superior Hiking Trail last week. Maybe Glimmery. Possibly Elysian. Having my feet off asphalt, dodging rocks and roots, listening to the creek burbling nearby, I very nearly wanted to whip up a quick fire and cremate myself right there and then, […]

  • Family Expansion

    “Family Expansion” When Groom and I met, started the love groove, and launched into the Plan Making phase of our relationship, we had the whole “So, uh, you want kids or what?” talk. Since I knew I wanted have kids, and since I was irretrievably snagged by this guy, I got to do a big, […]