Category: Teenagers

  • White Knuckles

    White Knuckles

    Clatterplunk. Every night we hear it above our heads: the rolling of the office chair as it’s pushed away from the desk, the thump of a plate being grabbed off the wooden desk, and the predictable punctuation of clatterplunk as a fork hits the floor. These sounds tell us something: the fifteen-year-old is on the move. Having eaten her dinner in…

  • But Wilt Thou Woo This Wild Cat?

    But Wilt Thou Woo This Wild Cat?

    She’s doing her nightly thing: listening to music; checking her social media, chipping away at homework. When a favorite song comes on, the volume goes up. When a new text comes in, her fingers tap. When a page of Spanish is memorized, I hear it flip. I’m standing eight feet away, folding laundry. She has…