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  • Like Finding a Grain of Broken Rice in a Particularly-Soggy Bowl of Shredded Wheat

    Blissy. That’s an apt word for how I felt during my run on the Superior Hiking Trail last week. Maybe Glimmery. Possibly Elysian. Having my feet off asphalt, dodging rocks and roots, listening to the creek burbling nearby, I very nearly wanted to whip up a quick fire and cremate myself right there and then, […]

  • My Funny Valentine

    Dear Bicycle Commuter Rocketing Off the Trail by Crosley Street at Dusk: You will never know how close you came to a kismetical meeting with the Love of Your Life tonight. That unmet L.o.Y.L.? Me. So focused were you on getting home after a long day at the–what?–H & R Block that you didn’t even […]