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  • Two Words

    Two Words

  • Nobody Listens

    Nobody Listens

    The last months have cast me into many varieties of stress and time-crunchedness, and whenever I do have free time near a keyboard, there is always non-blog writing that needs to be tackled. I miss blog writing. Lately, I’ve put seven minutes per week towards a long-suffering blog post, which basically means I get half […]

  • Bappy Hirfday to Me

    Bappy Hirfday to Me

    I turn 48 today, and, oh, the joy of it!┬áBehind me are the days of wishing, hoping, longing, wondering. Here now are the days of loving, laughing, appreciating, and clarity. I’m in the thick of it, this business of a happy life, wanting to hug it all to me, hard, while it’s happening. There are […]