Finally Full


“You sure eat a lot of fast food.” Those eight words killed my appetite – punctured my excitement about dashing into the gas station to grab a couple of sliders at the attached White Castle. Certainly, I knew how he felt. In the many letters and messages we’d exchanged during our courtship, he’d made it… Continue reading Finally Full

Finally Full

Two years ago, after weeks — nae, months! — of work, I finished writing an essay, and I thought to myself, “This is my favorite thing I’ve ever written.” So I started submitting it to various publications, hoping someone, somewhere, would like it, too. Would want to publish it. Would feel like my piece was… Continue reading Finally Full

Phonology and Flirtation

Phonology: an inventory of sounds and their features; rules specifying how sounds interact with each other. Flirtation: a short period of casual experimentation with or interest in a particular idea or activity. Phlirtology: a short period of inventorying how strangers interact with each other. *** Still sweating from my bike ride across campus, I pulled out a piece… Continue reading Phonology and Flirtation