“Paradise White”

Look at them, those long, white, snowy lines of powder.

I spent all last weekend snorting them up.

It was quite a binge.

Two weeks ago, I was jonesing for snow.

But then I pawned my fishtank, sold some plasma, and scrounged for loose change in the sofa cushions. And whaddya know…I got me some, and after the flakes fell, I started frollicking in the stuff around the clock, neglecting sleep, friends, and work as I went on my spree.

In fact, I’m still coming down from a lost weekend of unrestrained, immoderate self-indulgence.

Some people looked at our newly-fallen gutter glitter and thought, “Well, iddn’t that purty?” In our household, however, we were like Aaron Sorkin with a new coke mirror, pack of razor blades, and rolled up Benji in his quivering hands: we went a little wacky on the junk.

We got amped on skijoring.

We got high from the howls of of sled dogs.

We ate weasel dust tossed onto our faces by a slew of runners at the start of the 2007 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships outside of Minneapolis (you rocked it, Groom!).

Seven kilometers into the race, Groom redefined “blow” as he whooshed past.

Because our addiction naturally translates into a cycle for the children, even Girl took off down the dusty roads.

A little later in the day, a friend and I (shout out to i-jim!) reveled in Lady Snow, as well, running the Citizens’ race at the championships; #102 suits me, doncha think? And note how my triumphant finish rallied the crowd, rousing them to a series of cheers and chants of “Jocelyn, Jocelyn, Jocelyn.” Either that, or they spurred me to the finish line through their passionate indifference.

After racing off our jitters, we spent the rest of the afternoon inner tubing down those long lanes of powder that started this post. At the end of each run, we’d stop and mist a little Ocean Spray up our nostrils, just to fool the bouncers.

Later, in the absence of any national championship, though, we still continued our toot through Mama Blanca, hefting the kids off the deck (There’s a sink or swim moral here, right? We’re really just giving the kids a lesson of the streets).

And now, at the end of my binge, I feel like I’ve been run over by an eighteen-wheeler, I’m shaking and wet, and I’m reconciled to taking about twelve steps towards Spring.

Time to look at green buds for a few months, drag out the flip-flops, and dim the snow lights.





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  1. Hammer Avatar

    Great analogy. I would be worried about brain freeze though 😉

    My kids have never seen snow. I’ll have to correct that.

  2. Jazz Avatar

    It always amazes me how some people love the stuff. Me? Not into this particular addiction.

    PS: My witty comment on your last blog never posted. Blogger be dammed!

  3. Lee Avatar

    You crack me up!

    The older I get, the less able I am to enjoy the snow. I just get crabby and sleepy.

    It’s great to see you all cavorting!

  4. Mother of Invention Avatar
    Mother of Invention

    What a fabulous family fitness thing! You may just need a massage!

    We did the sled dog experience for a day and it was really neat. I got to ride in the basket, (Yeah, sometimes I’m just a basket case!) while my husband had to do the runners and get off and run for a bit.

  5. furiousBall Avatar

    I sometimes poor my golden retriever’s food on the ground so he can pretend he’s a sled dog. I call him Nanook all day too and then pretend his milkbone is actually whale blugger I harpooned for him.

  6. ldbug Avatar

    Oh so fun!! I love snow. We didn’t get enough to play in here, and it’s a big city so it all gets mucky really fast. Oh well, maybe next year…

  7. Dan Avatar

    Gosh you love your snow! You’re going to be quite depressed when summer arrives.

    Is your summer vacation going to be Antarctica?

  8. Glamourpuss Avatar

    I feel exhausted. I need to lie down. All that Minnesotan Marching Powder…

    (did I spell that right – too lazy to look it up. Sorry)


  9. choochoo Avatar

    Did you get brain freeze when you snorted them?

  10. Sled Dog Action Coalition Avatar
    Sled Dog Action Coalition

    Thinking of sled dogs? Check out http://www.helpsleddogs.org

  11. lime Avatar

    i’m so envious. we didn’t have a single fun, playable snow. the only snow we got was a slushy muck that froze into ice

  12. actonbell Avatar

    LOL, great post, great pictures! I wasn’t expecting that second “line” and really chuckled. Thanks, I needed the chuckle!

  13. Dorky Dad Avatar
    Dorky Dad

    Wow. You do fun things in the snow. I’m happy if I get The Boy out for some sledding.

    That said, all our snow down here is melting. And there is nothing like dirty snow for a wonderful late-winter picture!

  14. Lone Grey Squirrel Avatar
    Lone Grey Squirrel

    No fair having so much fun. SCRAWNY bunch of huskies pulling your sled though!

  15. lushgurl Avatar

    Hey Jocelyn, I am so with you on the lure of those white lines and all…but I totally DON”T get the lure of the cold, snowsuits, fun stuff etc. LOL

  16. oreneta Avatar

    Yeah, that is the good side of winter….so glad for the reminder…no pictures of the melting blackened crud on the corners with the 6 month old dog crap defrosting in it, OK?

  17. Queen of the Mayhem Avatar
    Queen of the Mayhem

    What a creative post! We never get snow here! Seeing all your frolicking fun has left me jonesing for a white powder here! 🙂

    The whole deck jumping thing looks like MY kinda fun!
    I am wearing shorts!

  18. Diana Avatar

    I’m so glad someone is enjoying it. I love my snow from November through February. Come March, I gaze balefully at it and anything that falls from April on had better be in the form of rain or it risks my evil-eyed glare.

    May your time in recovery be short and your thoughts soon be of green buds and multi-colored blooms.

  19. velvet girl Avatar
    velvet girl

    I wanted snow and it stayed warm. Now I want spring and it snows. Go figure.

    Looks like you had fun, though!

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