Seven Years Since the Blue Moon

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  1. Hammer says:

    Very touching story.

    I learn something every day.

    Happy B day to the kiddo she is the same age as my daughter.

  2. Fresh Hell says:

    Your posts make me laugh, they make me cry. and that’s what makes them great. You’re a lucky lady to have such soulful kids.

  3. my4kids says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog sorry to make your crave Starbucks at 10:45 pm….really.
    Anyway Happy Bday to your little girl she is cute!
    I had to comment on her conception coinsiding with your engagement. My hubbies sister was conceived on their parents honeymoon, mind you they were very conservative christian folk. She was born at 8 months and normal size. Can you imagine the horror..I think its funny.

  4. JohnnyC says:

    Hi kids.

    Joce – I love your writing. Always do.

    But that entry is the best I’ve read. I remember seeing, hearing, knowing the tale from a distance those seven plus years ago, but to read you tell it sends shivers through me.

    You’re a beauty. You and the whole Spammin’ lot of ya…

    Happy Birthday A!

    To birthdays and blue moons everywhere.


  5. Infinitesimal says:

    your girl is precious and wonderful to behold.

    ex boyfriend use to say:
    “I dunno who she is or where she comes from, but I dream about her all the time, and all i know is that she is my sister.”

    (he only had brothers)

    they say, what, a 50% or more of us start out as twins…

    just thanks for the story. I read it, I am glad we are blogfriends.

  6. Princess Pointful says:

    Very engaging and beautiful story. Made me want to tear up and smile at the same time. Your girl is beautiful… and compassionate!

  7. Balou says:

    That was beautiful. Made me cry. Your kiddos are very lucky to have a Mom like you.

  8. AmyTree says:

    Oh what a beautiful story!!! Happy Birthday to Girl – 7 is a wonderful age. 🙂

    xx Amy T.

  9. Pendullum says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to The Gripper!!!

  10. Em says:

    Jocely, what a wonderful, wonderful story!

    First of all, happy birthday to The Girl! What a beautiful daughter. I love the two-year-old pic! LOL

    And you are just too funny. I love that your two husbands are a comfort to each other! 🙂

    But then you ripped my heart out with the rest of your story. Very sad…turning into such a true celebration.

    Thank you for sharing. Happy day to all three of you!!!

  11. CSL says:

    That’s an incredible story. What a mix of grief and fear and joy in such a short time span. And, no, nothing prepares you for a miscarriage. You might relate to this.

  12. Lone Grey Squirrel says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Congratulations for having a wonderful 7 year old reminder of a special blue moon. She’s sweet and wonderful.

  13. mist1 says:

    Incredible. Look away, I don’t want you to see me cry.

  14. frannie says:

    oh, the tears….

  15. Glamourpuss says:

    And you talk to me of opening lines?!

    Jocelyn, I love the way you write; your wisdom, your humility, your wry humour.

    And you damn well made me cry again.


  16. oreneta says:

    OK, I’m going to cry.

    A very happy birthday to a wonderful little gripper.

    I agree, that miscarriages are an untold story, and many people who have them are left lonely. A shame.

  17. Undercover Angel says:

    Happy birthday to your daughter! She is absolutely adorable, and I hope she has a fantastic day!

  18. Claire says:

    What a lovely (true) story. Your Girl sounds most compassionate and sweet. She’s also very cute! I hope that helped her brother. 2 out of 3 of mine have a hard time going to sleep. Even now that Test Case is 21, he can hardly sit still…

  19. lime says:

    dangit, people really need to issue kleenex reports prior to posts like these!!!

    thank you for sharing the miracle with such clarity and wonder. the girl is an amazing child. happy birthday to her!

  20. and rudeness says:

    I am glad your story had a fairy tale ending.

    I cried. And I laughed.

    Happy Birthday to your little miracle.

  21. Logophile says:

    aaaaaaaaaw, Im all verklempt now!
    Simply a gorgeous child, inside and out.

  22. yerdoingitwrong says:

    What a beautiful story and what a gorgeous girl you have!!! Happy Bday Gripper. I think that has to be one of my very favorite posts ever. A similar thing happened to my girlfriend who is now the proud mama of a 5 week old boy.


  23. Anonymous says:

    This made me weep. iJim

  24. Erin says:

    As the tears stream down my face, I feel blessed to be related to you all.

  25. Diana says:

    Oh, damn you. Damn you and your beautiful writing. Thank goodness I have no make-up on or I’d look like Tammy Fay Bakker.

    (And what the hell happens to them between the ages of 5 and 6? They seem to grow 5 years in the space of 1. Damn them. Don’t they know how hard it is on their moms?)

    Isn’t she fabulous? Just like her mom.

  26. Awesome Mom says:

    Happy birthday to your lovely little girl. That was a very touching post.

  27. velvet girl says:

    Your stories are such a pleasure to read and your account of all you went through is exquisitly written, as always.

    I’ll happily admit that I was misty-eyed at the end. Sounds like your little gripper is an amazing girl… just like her mother. 🙂

    Happy 7th Birthday to her!

  28. velvet girl says:

    I meant “exquisitely”… good thing that Blogger doesn’t have a “red pencil” function for all you English professors. 😉

  29. Lee says:

    What an amazing story! And how funny we both wrote about labors in our posts. Your child is beautiful. So when she’s 22, Hippie-son will be 28. Let’s have them meet then! 😉

  30. Jazz says:

    Damn you Jocelyn, you know you’re not supposed to make me cry on Monday mornings!!!!

  31. furiousBall says:

    Wow, what an amazing post. I totally didn’t blubber like a child in the middle of my office I swear. Kids are such blessings. I’m going to go hug my babies when I get home, give my wife a kiss on her head and say thank you to everyone.

    Happy Birthday to your little girl.

  32. choochoo says:

    once, when I was about seven, I thought I was pregnant. Turns out I just ate some bad chicken.

  33. Dayngr says:

    I love the photos showing how she’s grown. What a great idea! I bet it was hard to pick just one for each year.

  34. BlogWhore says:

    man, oh, man. that was a good post.

  35. steve says:

    This has certainly touched a nerve! Or a tender spot! I wasn’t aware of this part of the “origin” story. Fun to see the pics of Girl, too. Dang cute, though even in the pictures she recoils from my slightly…

  36. Anonymous says:

    Brian shares the same bday. We slept on the couch all day with Ben while boys were galavanting about with Auntie. Another day, another year.
    I also wish miscarriage was shared more openly as it happens far more frequently then most realize. Too bad the common response is “you can always have another.” Being around lots of folks with infertility issues that luckily ended up with twins, has led me to be extremely thankfull of my own fertility.
    Crying along with your writing: that’s a given in the past few weeks.

  37. That Chick Over There says:

    Oh…you must stop making me cry.

  38. BeachMama says:

    What a beautiful story. I shed tears for your miscarriage and the beautiful girl you brought home. She sounds like a perfect big Sister. Hope she had a wonderful birthday. What a great introduction to your blog.

  39. ldbug says:

    Awww, happy birthday Girl!! I’m so glad she held on, she sounds like a gem:-)

  40. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    Beautiful post. Beautiful child. Beautiful you.

    I’m all teared up so if my comment looks like chicken scratch, that’s why.

    I’m sure your little girl got a double dose of everything as she represents both herself and her twin, who lives through her.

    I truly love your writing, Jocelyn. You are so very talented, and reading your blog is one of the better things I do for myself.

  41. Diesel says:

    Geez. That is amazing. You’re a fantastic writer as well. And blast you, the last part gave me a lump in my throat. Wonderful.

  42. urban-urchin says:

    Your little girl is amazing. I know another seven year old I’d like her to be friends with please.

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!

    Now I have to go find tissue as I wasn’t expecting a cry.

  43. Dorky Dad says:

    Wow. Your kid has a pretty cool mom for a tribute like that. Well done!

  44. Mother of Invention says:

    What a fabulous and truly marvelous story. She is just a precious and caring kid! May be she carries two souls? Hmmm..that would be fitting and makes some sense to me.

    Happy B-day to her!

  45. lushgurl says:

    Yeah I have enveloped the myriad of emotions reading this post has brought to me! I love watching “gurl” grow up, she eminates beauty and wisdom!
    Interesting to see the two dolls on her lap!
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL- I wish you twice the joy, twice the love and twice the gifties!!!

  46. Tracey says:

    That is the most endearing post I’ve ever EVER read. Going to get my tissues now…

  47. Anne says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my place earlier.
    Nice blog you have here.
    Oh, and happy birthday to the daughter. 🙂

  48. Stepping Over the Junk says:

    OH-MY-GOSH. I just re-read this three times. You write this wonderfully…thank you for sharing this both miraculous and heartwrenching story! And she’s a beauty!

  49. actonbell says:

    Your daughter is beautiful! And that story is absolutely surprising and wonderful. You write very well:)

  50. WanderingGirl says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  51. jen says:

    this is SO beautiful. and I cracked up at Buck Night…i could forge the connection there, for sure.

    what a lovely story.

  52. Top cat says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, it’s beautiful.
    Your little miracle child is also beautiful.
    Thanks again.

  53. Dan says:

    Wonderful post Jocelyn. Thanks for sharing.

    And Happy Easter!

  54. Katie says:

    I randomly stumbled across your blog and oh my goodness I am so glad I did. That post was so touching, it left tears in my eyes. When I read the part where the midwife told you there was a heart beat, my heart literally skipped for you. What an amazing experience – so sad for the little one who didn’t survive, but then to be told there was a second, and she was alive, oh my goodness, I am speechless.

  55. August says:

    I’m too moved for words.

    Dammit Jocelyn, if I didn’t have a headache before, I have one now. I never thought I could laugh & cry so much.


  56. Chantal says:

    Again with the tears!

  57. Jamie says:

    Just beautiful.

  58. jess says:

    I'm so glad she hung in there. What would her brother have done without a sister like that to look out for him?

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