You Finish My Post”

Here are some photos from the big race this past weekend (I’m in the blue shirt, #2409). Because I was in a state of severe oxygen debt, I have no recollection of a single thought in my head.

So you tell me: what was I thinking, as I tripped through the trails?

I’ll give you a little starter:

“As Jocelyn ran the Trailmix…”





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  1. Hammer Avatar

    Those picures make me out of breath
    I need some trail mix

  2. susan Avatar

    …the only thing that kept her climbing up the huge hill was the determination to rescue hapless kittens along the way…

    yeah, I suck at this kinda thing.

  3. yinyang Avatar

    “As Jocelyn ran the Trailmix…” she wondered if the others in the race were robots. Because, seriously? No one should be smiling while running a race. It’s just not allowed.

  4. niCk (Mem Beth) Avatar
    niCk (Mem Beth)

    I have a running addiction, But I do a race every other weekend, sometimes every week. The races are my social life. It’s an addicting pasttime, like blogging.

  5. Jeannie Avatar

    ….I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…wait a minute – why do I even want to?

  6. Lee Avatar

    As Jocelyn ran the Trailmix, she tried to quiet the internal voice that kept asking her if she was insane by singing that song that goes, “Over the river and thru the woods to Grandmother’s house we go!” in her head over and over again.

    She really wished she could think of something better to sing than “Over the river and thru the woods to Grandmother’s house we go!” but she couldn’t because is was stuck like peanut butter on a dog’s ridged roof mouth.

    This thought made her dry mouth pucker.

  7. actonbell Avatar

    Slap me, I haven’t run a race in years. Honestly, I’d be thinking about that spot on the horizon that looks flatter.

    Great pictures! You go!

  8. my4kids Avatar

    …oh please let there be a kitty in need for me to save so I can stop for a minute and have an excuse to slow down…

  9. lime Avatar

    …she thought she was glad it wasn’t called the meow mix, but thought cake mix might be a good alternative right about now.

  10. Dorky Dad Avatar
    Dorky Dad

    “Man, I could use a beer and a remote RIGHT NOW.”

    Or maybe that’s the dude with the flying heart shirt running next to you. I can’t think which.

  11. Shari Avatar

    As Jocelyn ran the Trailmix, she thought about how good she will feel when the race was over. Every step, every oxygen-demanding breath takes her closer and closer to the finish line. She can do it. She glimpses family and friends cheering her on. She keeps on pumping, feeling their support. She can do it!! No, she doesn’t want to think about the breathing…over and over….

  12. AmyTree Avatar

    Just looking at the pictures makes me tired!! Watched parts of the London Marathon recently and oh my word that looked intense! (Perhaps slightly less so for the gentleman who ran dressed as Indiana Jones dragging a giant paper-mache boulder behind him…) Perhaps next year you could use the ‘fun run’ theme and have someone carry you?

    Well done Jocelyn!!! x

  13. AmyTree Avatar

    Ooh – sorry! I didn’t play the game!


    As Jocelyn ran the Trailmix, she was suddenly grateful that she had decided to leave her accessories at home, or she would have had to carry them along like nice lady #2057!

  14. Glamourpuss Avatar

    “Wow, that lady in the gren tee-shirt could really do with a more flattering sprots bra – or even a bra – those puppis look tireder than the kittens I plan to rescue shortly…”


  15. CS Avatar

    Running leaves me cold, but good for you for doing it. (I have decided I’m so lousy at these “bloggers finish my post/think up a capption sort s of things that I don’t even try anymore!)

  16. Diana Avatar

    …she started by seriously questioning her sanity as to why she’d pay good money to do this. After a few miles, though, she found she hadn’t the energy to sustain this. Her thoughts fell to more agreeable things like who was going to meet her with corn puffs and brisket at the end of it all and how big a piece of chocolate she could consume before fading off into nappy oblivion.

    Happy Trails.

  17. furiousBall Avatar

    As Jocelyn ran the Trailmix, her mind wandered to an early 70s SNL skit involving a discussion between several teens talking about space invaders. There wasn’t a single laugh in the scene whatsoever, yet the audience clapped at the conclusion. Why? Because they were sheep in that audience that night. The sign lit up “APPLAUSE” and they obliged. If we put if we put signs up all over the place saying “THINK”, would we? Or are we so conditioned to not think, that the instruction would make all of our sheepy heads explode.

  18. BlogWhore Avatar

    c o g r a t s !

  19. Diesel Avatar

    …she thought to herself, “I need some inspiration. What would Diesel do? I know, follow the hot chick in the red shirt!”

  20. Em Avatar

    I can’t imagine even being able to think if I was running! But I’m awfully impressed that you did it! And you look like you are in much better shape than the man next to you. He looks like he is struggling with severe pain!

  21. That Chick Over There Avatar
    That Chick Over There

    Sweet Mel Gibson on an bender! You rock the party!

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