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  1. Lee says:

    Are they words you’ve just written?

    Don’t worry your pretty head.

    Its just magic is all.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Why, yes, Lee, they are words I’ve just written. So, are you implying that it goes something like this:

    1) I type some stuff
    2) I hit Publish
    3) The words show up on my blog

    ???? Whoa.

  3. lime says:

    well see now, as something ofa philosopher (albeit an amply proportioned one since the sight of a pancake does not lead me to existential crisis) i can say that your lack of propensity to great observation affords you the opportunity for every day to be a new adventure when some mundane thing is finally noticed. you, my dear, shall likely never become jaded.

  4. Hammer says:

    I’m the same way. I call it oblivious in my case.

    The example of the Twins is something I never thought of either.

    My wife is a little worse than I am in this area, so we get along fine 🙂

  5. niCk (Mem Beth) says:

    Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so curious.
    Years and years ago I was quizzing my toddler kids on where certain food comes from. I don’t remember the specific questions that led up to the last, but as we passed some cows, I asked my son, “do you know where hamburger comes from?”

    He rolled his eyes and answered as if that question was too easy for a wise toddler as himself, “McDonald’s” he confidently answered.

    I just thought to myself “DUH!”

    MMMM, I love sunflower seeds.

  6. Diana says:

    Well thank goodness Lee was able to help with the Publish Button Question as I had bee wondering what was up with that, too.

    I never made the Twins connection. I organize the town I work in and the towns I shop in by their directions from the Shopko.

    I do, however, know where the cemetaries are. They are the places you drive by to mark the towns you pass to and from the Shopkos. Yes?

  7. Jeannie says:

    Wow – I’ve always loved finding the links in things…it’s something I need to know.

  8. Mother of Invention says:

    Gawd, you’re an absolute riot!!
    Great ending! Nope I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout them weird bloggin’ words! Could they possibly be that there computer language from some country called HTML??!!

  9. jen says:

    sunflower seeds come from sunflowers?

    hmmm. going off to ponder.

  10. my4kids says:

    I can relate…..I call it oblivious though like Hammer. My husband finds it to be hilarious to once again point out something he thinks is obvious that just never dawned on me…..Sunflowers and sunflower seeds huh? Yeah took me awhile to figure that one out also 🙂 Also when younger I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the thought that people on tv didn’t really live those lives…. just like the fact I have a hard time people on the radio not actually living in the radio….

  11. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    I am still chuckling, charmed by the idea that you assumed that all mommy’s names began with “M” and all daddy’s with “D.” Child logic is wonderful.

    I had a similar epiphane over sunflower seeds in the feed store.

    And for years, I thought that “misled” was pronounced “mizelled” which meant the same thing as “misled” until I read something with the word hyphenated at the end of a line. It was a real holy shit moment, that it was, in fact, only ONE word, pronounced “miss led.”

    And you recently complimented me on my use of words. I bet you’ll take that back now.

    This was such a fun post!! See you tomorrow.

  12. Malnurtured Snay says:

    Wait, blogging is publishing? So, I’m like a writer and shit? Sweet!

  13. urban-urchin says:

    Sunflower seeds yum! (too bad the boy is allergic to those too)

    I do stuff like this too.. Out to lunch with a friend and her friend for the (second) friend’s birthday. “Your birthday is 060606?! That’s amazing- does that happen to anyone else in your family?!” Was met with blinking and blank stares.

  14. Infinitesimal says:

    You’re gonna make it after aaaaaaall.

    now come over and read about my birthday boobs.

  15. yerdoingitwrong says:

    My hubby is exactly like you!!!

  16. Lone Grey Squirrel says:

    I read your blog and I laugh. Is there a connection? Does it involve alien abduction?

    Squirrels are supposed to be curious but in fact we are just looking for nuts. “Nuts! Must eat now!”. :)=

  17. Pendullum says:

    Hmmm…Thinking thing…
    But first pass me another pancake will ya?

  18. Karen says:

    I totally understand you Jocelyn. It was recently pointed out to me, much to my surprise, that Rice Krispies were in fact made with…rice. I’m a tool.

  19. Voyager says:

    Until recently, my husband thought peanuts grew on pea trees.
    I wrote a comment yesterday, but it never actually made it here. Something funny going on with firewalls I think. Let’s see if this works.

  20. susan says:

    It’s amazing what they come up with nowadays.

    Off to find a pancake…

  21. lushgurl says:

    AH yes the wonders of the universe… When I uncover the truths of the universe that to me are light bulb moments, it is only to discover that I am light years behind my fellow peeps! I call these lapses “blonde moments”, as a fellow red-head, I hope you can take comfort in these words…it is NOT our fault, that we have a lot of blonde pigment in our genes!!!
    love ya Jocelyn…HEY…wait a minute…when I hit publish your comment, MY words appear in YOUR blog…

  22. Theresa says:

    Now the question is if you hit publish, and no one is around, do the words really exist? This isn’t a problem in your case, I see you’ve got lots of admirers. Now I’ll just push Publish and some words will mysteriously appear on your blog.

  23. Diesel says:

    My wife asked me 2 weeks ago if I was growing a beard. I hadn’t shaved in 3 months.

  24. Shari says:

    Do you mean, our brain is used for thinking? Light bulb flashing, oooohhh. Cool.

    I have many “blonde moments”, too. And I am not a natural blonde.

    I never made the connection to the MN Twins name coming from Twins. Does that mean Packers’ name come from a sponsor (a packing company)? OOhhh.

  25. Glamourpuss says:

    Mmm, pancakes…

    I’ve often thought life would be considerably easier if we operated on a need to know basis.

    Ignorance is bliss.


  26. Logophile says:

    I love this post.
    Oh man, you crack me up.
    I am one of those other people.
    There are times though that things cannot be explained to my satisfaction in which cases my husband tells me in exasteration,
    “Its just FM (f**king magic)!!”
    See, you and I get the same explanations :p

  27. velvet girl says:

    I just had one of those “Eureka!” moments recently, too, but since I’m a bit of a scatterbrain, I’ve already forgotten what it was. Oh, well. Now I get the joy of discovering it all over again. 😉

  28. Balou says:

    LOL! You crack me up! I’ll never forget the “doh!” moment I had when I figured out that in the college class listings that “Staff” was not one really busy professor with the last name of Staff flitting from class to class and sometimes teaching multiple classes at once.

    And just because I want to possibly make your brain bulge out again, did you know that The Lakers basketball team was originally from Minnesota…Lakers…land of ten thousand lakes…

  29. Top cat says:

    Great post jocelyn.
    I’m a basic thinker except when I have to take a multiple choice test. I usually do poorly on these because I overanalyze every choice.
    I’m not sure how this publish thing works but I’m going to go practice and get back to ya..maybe.

  30. frannie says:

    you are charming, my dear.

    absolutely charming!

  31. Claire says:

    It’s the Homer Simpson School of Thought. You are so funny! Better that than overthinking everything to Death the way I do.

  32. CS says:

    I’m an analyzer except in key areas where I just act (chocolate, wine, sex, that sort of thing.)

  33. Stepping Over the Junk says:

    HA! You come up with some amazing stuff from your head. And miraculously, it makes sense!

  34. Dorky Dad says:

    You had me at the end there, given all of Blogger’s stupid problems, I thought you were referring to an error message.

    And I think that we are polar opposites in the curiosity dept. I am TOO curious. I’m catlike curious, which makes it a good thing that I have 12 lives. (I get an extra three for being human)

  35. furiousBall says:

    Thanks, now you ruined my whole pancakeret idea. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds like an edible bird…that’s another concept that I won’t share lessen you ruin that too.

  36. steve says:

    Some other cultural facts that may not have occured to you are that our northern weather-persons do not talk about the “windsheild” factor, but the “wind chill” factor. Also, the first line of the 3rd verse of “Margueritaville” goes, “Blew out my flip flop. Stepped on on pop top.”

    Consider yourself up to speed.

  37. Princess Pointful says:

    This post made me smile…
    I’ve definitely had a few moments like that– where those things you take for granted suddenly make sense.
    I always miss out on puns until a day or two later.

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