Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

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  1. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    Oh, my, I’m breathless. I almost feel as if I was on that incredible and magnificently recounted trip of all trips, right to the one absolutely perfect ending.

    What a wonderful treat to read this!

    Thank you so much, Jocelyn.

  2. susan says:

    What an amazing adventure. (those shoes…)

    And I agree, the perfect ending…

  3. Diana says:

    Life experiences or sensible credit use?

    Geee. I think you made the right decision.

    The resiliance of the human spirit is breathtaking.

  4. Kirsten, the sister says:

    just one minor minor correction, j, the ladies in the market weren’t my “bubbies” but my babas…i think it’s russian for granny or just old lady…! 🙂

  5. Diesel says:

    Moldova? Seriously? You’re so desperate for blogging topics that you had to invent a country?

    For shame, Jocelyn. For shame.

  6. Dan says:

    Goodness what a wonderful travelogue. I’ll never forget the overwhelming sense of sadness at Auschwitz when I visited some years ago, with those long halls of piles of human hair and fake arms and legs for hundreds of yards.

    It’s something I’ll never forget. And shouldn’t.

  7. Hammer says:

    That is the trip of a lifetime.

    I’ve never had the stomach for travel like that but I enjoy reading about yours.

  8. urban-urchin says:

    What a beautiful piece! The shoes. the shoes broke my heart….

    I have to add that East Berlin circa 1986 would indeed kill all joie de vie in your soul if you were so inclined.

  9. lime says:

    wow! just wow! i laughed, i cried, i gave thanks. this is the best installment yet.

    oh and for the record, this is one member of a baptist church who drinks (yes i believe it was maitais this past friday when i went to the heathen bar with my best pal), dances, and who howled with laughter at the cheekiness of the first picture (darn but i wish i’d thought of a shot like that!)

  10. tracey says:

    Those shoes hold some serious power, don’t they? Here I was, dancing along to the thrill of Moldova when you go and push Auschwitz on me. Could hardly breath from my computer chair…don’t know if I could handle being there in person. (Have you ever seen that movie, Paperclip?)

  11. tracey says:

    ps…can you email me? desperatehorsewife at gmail.com

    Thanks 🙂

  12. mcewen says:

    You adventurous lass you!
    Best wishes

  13. actonbell says:

    Marvelous post, in so many ways. One of Elvis Costello’s songs contains the words “I hear that travel broadens the mind, ’til you can’t get your head out of doors.” I agree with that sentiment. It really makes us appreciate having drinkable tap water and puts the real life into history!
    It’s great that your sister got to be in the peace corps!
    Nice ending:)

  14. frannie says:

    wow! what a post… heartbreaking at times, uplifiting and hopeful at others… truly amazing.

    the shoes almost killed me… I don’t think I am a strong enough human to see that in person. my soul would not survive.

  15. Dorky Dad says:

    Splendid ending! I didn’t see it coming. I thought for SURE that by the end you were going to sell carrots in Moldova for the rest of your days. (And believe me, I usually get the endings.)

  16. Keshi says:

    Great pics there Jocelyn! Love the market one, and the crematorium one somehow freaked me out 🙂


  17. Balou says:

    What a great travelogue! I am crossing Moldova off my list of happy places to visit.

  18. Whippersnapper says:

    I was in Iceland once, although I never left the airport. It was a charter flight from Oslo to Minneapolis, and late July; when we left Iceland it was snowing and six (?) hours later, in Minnesota, it was about 666 C. Gotta love international traveling!

  19. Glamourpuss says:

    A beautiful telling of a tale – perfect shape. A joy to read, and very romantic.


  20. Jazz says:


    But I would like to point out – as I do to a friend who also claims that she spent time in Moldava – that the country does not exist. Nope. It’s a figment of your imagination. Yep yep.

  21. Logophile says:

    Oh YES!
    I love it!
    Traveling does give one a different perspective, and you can’t really get it any other way.
    Fabulous ending, I look forward to the next bit!

  22. furiousBall says:

    That tale was like fonzie cool. This is the kind of thing I need to jog my misery into shape, perspective y’all ’til the break of dawn.

  23. CS says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit one of the concentration camps, but I’m afraid I’d cry like a baby all the way through. In fact, I’m certain of it, because it made me teary just looking at the photos.

    But that first building, that’s the famous Leaning Tower of Moldova, right? I can’t believe you got to see that.

  24. HeatherAnn Fragglehead says:

    The way you write this makes me feel aslmost like I was there, too.

    Those pictures are fantastic. They have a greyness that you’d like to think are a trick with photography, but they’re not. It really is so grey and bleak. They remind me how much we take for granted.

  25. Shari says:

    Did you really put an egg on your nose to go trick or treating? I didn’t even know what a Borscht was till now.

    See, I’m learning things. 😉

  26. Claire says:

    I love this post. You have swept me through sadness, horror, vitality and finally, happiness -all in one essay.

  27. Princess Pointful says:

    I think you are setting yourself up for a dour and dark country by picking the name Moldova.

    … just sayin’!

  28. Theresa says:

    Wow! That was a great read, an incredible adventure, you got me to pass through all stages of human emotion in one post (that’s better than any psychologist). You don’t really realize what you have until you see how people live in some parts of the world; we really have a lot to be thankful for -thanks for reminding us.

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