Supersized Settling, With a Side of Fries

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  1. Hammer says:

    The things we do to survive..

    Sounds like quite an adventure.

  2. susan says:

    What…you didn’t stoop to Mac n’ Cheese as we did???

  3. lime says:

    yeah, like susan said…i can remmeber eating 19 cent a box mac and cheese WITHOUT milk and butter. just whip that ornage pwoeder up with some water and it was good to go.

    26 months….i think i’d have heaved more than beans into the lake. then again i was one who cackled maniaclaly whilst burning my college stats book at the end of the semester. i do have a flair for the dramatic.

    another brilliantly funny and touching chapter in the life of jocelyn!

  4. Diana says:

    You have noted it once or thrice, but we do seem to have the sisterhood going. Isn’t it delightful and right to live in a place that fits? (Fortunately, we only had a few months of 2 mortgages and therefore avoided all obvious hair loss and cheliosis.) Sadly, we’ve never stopped at that Mecca that is Wall Drug, despite driving across Montana 3 times. I’d wanted to say I was a trucker for the free coffee and a donut (I’d happily stoop to lying for a donut.), but Charles didn’t think it would be wise. He was in a driving groove. Had I been blogging at the time, though, I’d have insisted.

    Some day, though…

  5. Claire says:

    In my case also, it was the daze of Mac ‘n cheese. I hate that stuff now.

  6. CS says:

    You finally get a day away from the bay and you …run?

    I thought our 5-month overlap of owning two homes was scary! You seemed to have held up well under the pressure.

  7. Keshi says:

    wut an adventure!


  8. oreneta says:

    Yee gods, it can’t have been fun…

  9. Diesel says:

    You covered so much literal and figurative ground in this post that I don’t even know what to say. Is this what it feels like to comment on one of my posts?

  10. Voyager says:

    I recognise one of those “how the fuck did we survive” moments. But you did. Magnificently.

  11. Glamourpuss says:

    You give me hope, Jocelyn, that it truly will all work out for the best.


  12. Jazz says:

    Rice and beans for months on end…

    But on the bright side, I’m sure your intestines were working well.

  13. Jill says:

    What, no Ramen noodles?? We lived on that stuff in college.

    I could really go for some fries right now….

  14. frannie says:

    I adore your writing! adore it!

    and I could really go for some fries right now– with a side of rice and beans.

  15. mcewen says:

    I’m still reeling from the ‘night off.’

    Maybe sometime soon.

  16. My Reflecting Pool says:

    Running, whats the rush?

    In our move from TX to CT, we had the two home issue as well. We ended up renting the TX house for a year then sold it 6months later. We had dbl mtg for about 12 months total. At the time we also co-owned a lake house in VA that cost us a mortgage every other month. It was a hard 2 years. We sold that sucker about 4 months after the TX house. Suddenly owning only one home, we could save again. whew.

  17. furiousBall says:

    This story hit me right here (no, not the groin again…the ticker this time). I had two homes for 13 months and wow that sucked. Right now I have two homes technically and this sucks too. I’ve been eating stale stuff and frost bitten waffles like a madman, a madman eating frost bitten waffles and stale stuff that is.

  18. MyUtopia says:

    Wow, what a post!

  19. Dan says:

    OK … after seeing that photo I have to head down to Burger King for a large order of fries before they close. I’ll read the rest of this later.

  20. Spider Girl says:

    Like Frannie, I adore your writing.

    And one mortgage is enough. Ugh. I can’t imagine the horrendousness of two. And I LIKE rice and beans…

  21. Princess Pointful says:

    You are such an amazing storyteller. I never have the slightest clue where I’m going to end up after reading the first sentence of one of your posts, yet it is a seamless journey, all the same.

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