Eternal Youth

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27 Responses

  1. Keshi says:

    only 24 and this? 🙂


  2. my4kids says:

    Hehe I love your posts….I wish my move was that easy actually.

  3. Jazz says:

    Of course you’re 25 dear. You’ll never ever ever hit 45. I promise.

  4. jen says:

    i so love this story of how you got your house. i can just picture you wide open in this world and all these good things just flow.

  5. Logophile says:

    Having moved to Europe twice, and returned twice from thence, I envy you this move.
    And the fountain of youth, I envy that too

  6. lime says:

    LOL, we did that too. moved two blocks away from a third floor apt. to a duplex. prior to the limelets, but nonetheless the carry it yourself method. ain’t it fun!

  7. Julie B says:

    You clearly have so much fun writing. Do you laugh out loud when you think up witty things to say? Your blog has made me laugh often. You make simple stories come to life with such a wild and wacky train of thought.
    I suffered at college with writing. Words and talking lots are easy but just couldn’t put it all on paper correctly. And following in classes after writers such as you didn’t help any 🙂

  8. frannie says:

    and a lovely 24 at that!

    I hit that one out of the park, huh?

    sorry- I’m a baseball fan

  9. That Chick Over There says:

    Hot and Sexy too.

  10. Top cat says:

    you made me laugh.:)

  11. Tai says:

    Love your posts!
    Hate moving!

    Glad you’re done and you’re happy!
    And, like you, I’m only 24! Have been for almost 11 years now!
    Also? I just noticed how much I adore exclamaions marks!

  12. My Reflecting Pool says:

    Heheeee. I bet that clerk loooooved you! hahaha.

  13. Dan says:

    You moved 100 yards?

    Did they do this in Egypt with Abu Simbel? It was flooded out by the Aswan Dam? Sounds like your move was way more complicated!

  14. Shari says:

    Aren’t you the lucky one? Able to freeze your age like that while the rest of us keep getting older! What’s your secret? Must be all that soccer…

  15. Spider Girl says:

    I really like the picture you posted of the house.I think I’d love it too.

    Not that I’m one to fall in love with the house down the street at first sight…oh..wait…actually I am.

    That’s why I’m right now sitting in my beloved house that’s only a block from my old house.

    Oh my, but I knew that house down the hill was just right for me.

    To get this house I had to wait a good while (two years almost), had to write a letter to a little old lady with an enviable garden, saying that I really liked (wanted!) her house if she should ever, you know, NOT WANT IT herself anymore….

    I was quite shameless. But there you have it. 🙂

  16. Claire says:

    Score, score, score! It was worth it. And yeah, you don’t look a day over 24, I swear. (Can I be 34 again?)

  17. Diana says:

    Well, of course you’re only 24. As am I. And yet our kids keep growing older. And who the hell put those wrinkles in my 24 year old face?

    I love it when house stories all work out and everything falls into place, so to speak.

  18. urban-urchin says:

    Wow- that worked out rather well didn’t it? You’re pretty ambitious for a “24” year old….

  19. Diesel says:

    So this is funny, because last year my family also moved 100 yards. Unfortunately the new house isn’t any bigger, and brother and sister bear are still sharing a room. I think I’m supposed to be doing something about that.

  20. yinyang says:

    24? You’re a TV show? Now I’m confused.

  21. Her Grace says:

    Moving 100 yards sounds so eaaaasssy. What’s 100 yards? But I’m guessing that it’s not even a little easy. Even if you’re only 24.

  22. Dorky Dad says:

    100 yards? Piece of cake. But I’d be afraid of the people who moved into my old house. I know exactly what kind of things I say about the former owners of this one …

  23. Glamourpuss says:

    When I hit thirty I just started counting backwards – works a treat.


  24. Theresa says:

    24? Are you sure? You don’t look a day over 18, really, I swear! And, of course, neither do I. If only all my moves had been 100 yards. I just figured out that I’ve moved 13 times in the past 20 years -Oh wait, that’s impossible since I am only 18 😉

  25. Jill says:

    Honestly, that sounds like the worst kind of move ever. It’s too far to just carry everything individually, and not far enough to justify packing up everything. I think I would lose my mind.

  26. Mother of Invention says:

    So have you stopped looking for new houses?!
    There’s always someone in the same position you were a few years back. Thank goodness!

    I hate moving! I’m never moving again..the next move is into the nursing home!

    You always have an ending with a punch!

  27. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    That sounds like a heavenly move, compared to packing up the contents of a four-bedroom house in the largest U-Haul known to woman and driving it cross-country to a storage unit, then realizing that even a smaller house could not be afforded in California, giving away most of the stuff we’d hauled thousands of miles, and settling in a small apartment.

    You would have to wonder about the sanity of those who would do such a thing.

    Your home is lovely. I hope you and your family have many more years of wonderful living there.

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