Wax On; Wax Off

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  1. Maddy says:

    Lovely – bet you all slept like tops! Bit of a more pricey deal round this neck of the woods but none the less exciting. Good for you [all] and love the photos.

    This is my calling card or link“Whittereronautism”until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  2. Star says:

    Go with your strength I always say. I went skiing twice in my life and have a wealth of amusing stories from both times. On the second trip I was taking a lesson on the slope and the instructors both said I was a “natural” Being athletically challenged all my life I was thrilled. I enjoyed skiing, but didn’t have the time to pursue it.

  3. Silverstar says:

    I’m really not a ski bunny, but am a fierce tobagganer.(no skill required in parking your butt on a piece of plastic and projecting yourself down a hill)
    Its great that your still trying it despite the glitches. 🙂

  4. Diana says:

    See? Anyone who pops off to ski their way along a river is not a novice skiier, no matter what they claim.

    This year, for Christmas, we all got skis, with the plan in mind to do just what you and the young ‘uns are doing.

    Of course, we’ve not yet put the skis on. They are all standing in the corner making us look and feel like the cool people you are.

  5. Franki says:

    See, this is why you are obviously so much smarter than me (I?). I still cannot hold to an anti-jock policy, even after all those migraine inducing conversations.

    Frankily Yours

  6. oreneta says:

    Great post, the wet little hokey pokey line hit it right on the mark…lovely and funny too.

  7. furiousBall says:

    I really want to get my kids on the slopes here (Poconos) at some point when moolah and time allows. We got a tiny bit of snow this past week. I now have snow envy. I’m googling snow enhancement now…

  8. Spider Girl says:

    I WANT to love snow.

    I mean, when it snows I could actually ski on my street, its so steep. People were literally snow-boarding right by my door last Saturday when the skies dumped two feet of the white stuff on my head.

    But I’ve decided to ONLY like snow if it stays out of my driveway. On the plus side, now I have biceps of steel from all that shovelling.

  9. lime says:

    i have wanted to try cross country skiing for a long time. my only skiiing experiences have been the downhill variety and i do remember one particularly spectacular ‘wide world of sports’ style wipeout that caused a couple guys floating overhead in the ski lift to call down, ‘TEN! we give that fall a TEN!!!!’

    lovely to see you’ve enable the natural grace in your kids. i look at the confidence my oldest exudes in every facet of her life and i marvel at it. i certainly did not have it at her age, even now….

    bravo, mom.

  10. Hammer says:

    I’m a terrible skier but having fun in the snow takes very little skill.

    Great story!

  11. Claire says:

    I married a ski jock too, he having grown up an hour from the Sierra slopes. I’ve tried but have never gotten past the middling-ok skiing level. Naturally my children take after hubby and are all accomplished skiers/snowboarders.
    Your kids are lucky to have that experience at such a young age.

  12. August says:

    Good for you, Joc, for going out there. I’d much rather be on my back eating snow with Niblet.

  13. Steve says:

    Test balloon, of course! That’s why we had kids!

    Maia was thrilled to see Niblet at Kidski yesterday!

  14. Jazz says:

    Lordy how I hate winter. I don’t downhill ski – never saw the point of standing on two sticks and hurling myself down a mountain.

    I did cross country at one point, but I’d much rather put on my snowshoes than a pair of skis. Much less cumbersome.

  15. Tammie Jean says:

    Hi Jocelyn! I’ve seen you around many of the blogs I frequent, so I thought I’d drop by and say hello.
    As someone who started skiing after 30, I’ll whole-heartedly agree there is supreme merit in just “getting out there”.
    Also, I love that you use the little one as a “test balloon”!!!

  16. Wizened Wizard says:

    Well I am impressed. What’s the Garrison Keillor line? “To jump into an ice-cold lake is not my fondest wish, for even though I am a Finn, that does not mean I am a fish.”

    I’m a slow plodder on waxless x-countries, but don’t get in my way on downhill skis. (Although that might be all in my past at this point). All of our touring is out our back door, on woods roads or trails, across beaver ponds. Very quiet and pretty. Looks like you have similar terrain.

    How great that your kids are growing up with this love.

  17. August says:

    Thanks for the loving thoughts on my blog. Your free spirit shines brightly over this grey Berlin horizon. How’s that for being schmaltzy.

  18. cathy says:

    I always get myself a glass of wine and a snack before settling down to read your posts. Pure entertainment should be properly appreciated and so should having a go at things. I am scared of water and learned to swim and to put my head under the water because I don’t want to pass my fear on to my kids. Just think what we would be missing out on if we didn’t have to set a good example for them.

  19. Wayfarer Scientista says:

    I love snow! I love skiing! Yay for you for trying to learn! I know it can be intimidating. And hey – that sled you guys have…used that way it’s called a pulk and it looks awesome. Enjoy your snow!

  20. A Bishops wife says:

    Looks like a great time. I have never been skiing.

  21. Glamourpuss says:

    I am more than happy to be your skiing partner – I have never skied in my life, so next to me, you would appear effortless and expert.


  22. BlogWhore says:

    greetings from your midwestern neighbor…. this is a shit-ton of snow, huh?

  23. oreneta says:

    Tag, your it…I’ve got a meme for you, it looks like it might be a fun one though. Hope you don’t mind.

  24. Shari says:

    At least you are out there, trying again and again. I used to love to ice skate, though I am not much of a winter-lover.

    Glad that the kids will enjoy skiing. I am scared to death of it. I am better off cross-country skiing.

    Thanks for sharing Girl’s skiing ventures.

  25. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    “Free-wheeling joy..” Love it.

    I have never cross-country skiied, but I had quite a reputation as a hot dogger when I downhill skiied in my 20’s. As I careened down some pretty high hills, everyone thought I was fearless but what I really was was hopeless. I had no idea how to stop, and gravity is so reliable.

    I love the way snow softens everything.

  26. actonbell says:

    Abominable Snowman vomit, LOL!
    I think you’re very brave to be falling through ice. I’ve only been on one skiing trip in my life. It took me two days to get down the bunny hill and enjoy it, and I don’t think I’d be better at XC skiing.

    You are admirable for getting out there! BBRRRRR. My heart is in the tropics.

  27. Dan says:


    It’s snowing here right now. And we’re supposed to get a huge Noreaster Saturday night into Sunday. Laura and I want to get snowshoes. Perhaps we’ll finally give it a try. 🙂

  28. HeatherAnn Fragglehead says:

    I’m more than just a little convinced that Girl, at the age of two in that photo, has already surpassed my skiing skills.

    I can’t believe it! A foot-and-a-half of snow.

  29. Mother of Invention says:

    It’s just so great you have these kids out enjoying the snow instead of in playing video games like so many kids I know!
    We spent our whole childhood outside!
    The waxless skis are okay in a pinch when you haven’t the time OR PATIENCE to put on Klister at 0C!

    Hope you have a great ski season! My husband’s been out about 15 times so far…we’ve had a ton of snow in 3 different snowstorms.

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