I Commend My Spirit

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  1. Diana says:

    Hah! More in common than deer and window-washin’. Can’t tell you how many hours an errant contact lens has been cheeked by me (although mine were hard lenses and, therefore, a bit more sturdy, but prone to pop out at most inopportune times) during various performances. Something about the sitting staring unblinkingly at the stage while the air circulates unimpeded past my shrivelling corneas.

    And yet I can’t imagine doing Lasik.

    I’ve never actually seen JCSS, thought. I’ve been deprived.

  2. lime says:

    LOL! ya know back in the day i witnessed both my mother and my cousin “rewet” a lens in their mouths and pop it right back on their eyeball. i’m a lens wearer and i daresay i don’t think i could do that. i;d have to sacrifice it’s little plastic life. i am relieved to learn you used saline prior to reinsertion. truly i am.

    i’m also really relieved nothing in the production or on the drive home caused an inadvertent gulp thus sending the lens on a trip through your GI tract. though it would make for kind of an interesting magic school bus style post. “come along class! today we’re toboganning thru jocelyn’s descending colon!”

  3. Em says:

    What an excellent story! Mostly I find it funny that you didn’t run to the restroom because you might miss part of the “chain of events”. After all, it is a pretty similar story every time…so I bet you would be able to catch up. LOL

    (P.S…good to be back! Missed ya!)

  4. pistols at dawn says:

    “Gag, but that was illin’.” Even in your moment of pain, you could still quote Keats.

    You truly are an inspiration to us all.

  5. chelle says:

    Wow that is perseverance!

  6. Mother of Invention says:

    You’re hilarious! I’d never have thought of that!
    Contacts give me the heebie-jeebies although I can give myself about 6 needles a day of insulin.

  7. flutter says:

    “Christ on a sport’s field” is a curse I shall now adopt as my own.

    Thank you for your public service to my vernacular.

  8. Shari says:

    I remember when I was in third grade, a teacher’s helper had one of her contacts off to the side of her iris area. That was the first I’ve heard of contacts, too. She was trying to put it back on the right spot. Kudos to everyone for using contacts. Hubby only wears them once in a great while.

  9. Dorky Dad says:

    Man, I hate contacts. I hate glasses, too. But nothing in the world results in stories like that one. Except contact lenses. Nutty, stupid things.

  10. Mother Theresa says:

    Hey, I’ve done that too, albeit not during Jesus Christ Superstar. I once even put it back in my eye, since it was that or go hours with it in my mouth, and we hadn’t had dinner yet. So, it was my eye or my stomach, guess which won out? But miraculously I didn’t go blind. Nothing happened. Well, I did see blurry until I got home, but that’s a small price to pay for a good dinner.

  11. Glamourpuss says:

    I’m not convinced you missed much – the left hand side of the stage is notoriously ‘difficult’ in that particular biblical musical extravaganza.


  12. Claudia says:

    Is it bad that the flashdance type sweatshirt still makes me want to wear it again and again, even if no one is looking??? That was HAWT! Leg warmers, however, not so much.

  13. August says:

    Your A-Ha moments make Oprah’s seem like Huh moments.

    I actually had a Flashdance sweatshirt — to match my teased fro.


  14. seventh sister says:

    So do you carry a little bit of solution with you now?

  15. Say It says:

    Stories like these are why I only wear glasses.

  16. SQT says:

    Two hours? How did you not swallow the thing?

    I too had the Flashdance sweatshirt. And the legwarmers.

  17. AmyTree says:

    I am most impressed that you didn’t swallow it!
    Funny enough, I suffered – blinded – through a production of JCS a couple of years ago, and later worked out that I had put my left contact in backwards/upside down/whatever… I don’t think I would have been (wo)man enough to keep it in my mouth for the whole show though, and it certainly would have cramped my gin & tonic later on!

  18. Maddy says:

    Before I worse lenses a pal of mine had the old ‘hard’ lenses. When they fell out she’d spit on them and pop them back in! Vile!

    When I became a grown up person with an income I bought soft lenses, hopeless as that was before ‘toric’.

    Now I stick to the bifocals [and a bit of spit and polish]

  19. Tai says:

    Mmmmm, contacts and JCS. On a football field. In a flashdance shirt.
    How do you wind all those things together!?! Your talent for it humbles me.

  20. Mother Theresa says:

    Got your lenses in? Good. Tag, you’re it my brilliant friend.

  21. steve says:

    From here on out, I’ll take comfort knowing that when we’re at a meeting together, you will unflappably handle any moment of crisis that should arise.

  22. Jocelyn says:


    Too bad you missed the meeting the other month when Kelli got all sad and defensive and huffy…and she accused Jerry of attacking her and treating her with disrespect…and then she tried not to cry, so, quite unflapped, I stepped in and summed up her stance and pointed out how it actually dovetailed with what Jerry was implying, which caused Kelli, for a week afterwards, to declare me her hero. Then they tried to hug, and Damon and I had to look at each other and holler, “NO HUGGING. NO HUGGING AT DEPARTMENTAL MEETINGS.”

    You gotta come back from sabbatical, my friend. We have way big fun that you’re missing out on.

  23. HeatherAnn Fragglehead says:

    I probably would’ve forgotten the contact was in my mouth, and I probably would’ve bitten/swallowed/spit out the lens.


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