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  1. lime says:

    lol, well i am glad your priorities are right.

  2. Claire says:

    And how did these seriously kick-ass earrings find their way to your ears, eh? Inquiring minds wanna know…

  3. Jonah K. Haslap says:

    Ah, yes. Making other peoples’ important events about yourself. I know this well. Remind me to tell you the one about my sister’s Bat Mitzvah, some undercooked eggs, and a trip to the emergency room.

  4. Diesel says:

    Immensely is really the adverb you wanted there?

    The earrings are gorgeous in my head. Seriously, get them out.

  5. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    They deserve a post of their own. (So to speak.)

    We need to consider whether they are silver or gold (white or yellow,) dangly or post, their size, any stones, beads or otherwise colorful details.

    Damn, I can’t believe you left so much out.

  6. Jazz says:

    we need to see these seriously kick ass earrings.

    And congratulations to the newlyweds.

  7. chelle says:

    Well now you have to share the wicked earrings!!!

    So sweet to see people so happy!

  8. Glamourpuss says:

    I think you should post a separate picture of those earrings – if they’re that kick-ass, they deserve a post of their own.


  9. Diana says:

    That is sad, indeed, but can’t Photoshop or similar come to your rescue and save the wedding?

    Congratulations to the lucky and loving pair!

  10. furiousBall says:

    by kick ass, do you mean laser earrings?

    if so, i agree

  11. Shieldmaiden96 says:

    NOw I could totally have gotten behind wearing something like that at my wedding, instead of the giant parade float I did wear, complete with foundational garments that only allowed me to pee once through the whole reception since getting in and out of it all was like repacking a parachute.

  12. AmyTree says:

    Woohoo!!!! Go on girls. (And if it helps I just assume that you wear kick-ass earrings all the time anyway!)

  13. flutter says:

    I think it’s assumed that your earrings kicked ass.

  14. citizen of the world says:

    Ya know, the camera is never aimed right where it should be. Jeez. What was up with that photographer?

  15. Maddy says:

    Blah, blah, blah your needs! [oops, sorry about that but I have that ditty such in my brain stereowise!]

  16. Franki says:

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anyone wants to be married.


    Is my anger showing?

    And you can put up a pic of your earrings you know.

  17. Diesel says:

    BTW, didn’t you see I tagged you for a meme? I wrote your full name out and everything. Jocelyn Hergenfliffer.

  18. Dragonfly Dreaming says:

    * giggles *

    Naturally. I would be upset about that too!

  19. Dorky Dad says:

    What a terrible photo. I can’t believe the photographer couldn’t get your earrings in there. Sheesh.

  20. Ann(ie) says:

    HA! You rule girl. Please post earrings stat.

  21. stepping over the junk says:

    And that’s exactly what the day was about, right? Heh.

  22. Say It says:

    I’m sure that is what they are thinking when they look fondly at there photos of their special day!

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