Jesu, Joy of Jocelyn’s Retiring

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  1. AmyTree says:

    Poetry. 🙂 And what an AWESOME way to graduate!!! My brother did a similar screw-the-school (also an honour student, he graduated a semester early and then flatly refused to ever go back again, refusing even to attend his own graduation ceremony, at which he had been invited to speak.) Rock on.

  2. lime says:

    what a wonderful opportunity you had. how right of your parents to embrace it for you. how wonderful that the college let you show up to vomit in the arboretum anyway. and again you prove my psychic sister, because though i did get the diploma i was disconnected from so much of it for so long (even though i had the honor society stuff and other “typical” activities). i protested during the procession into the stadium (i thought it was a farce that they should build a $3million stadium while the school building was crumbling around our ankles.) and while others were heaving great sobs of sadness over being forced to move on I was tying my sneakers so i could sprint out of there with nary a glance back.

  3. Princess Pointful says:

    The last line says it all. That experience is infinitely more valuable than a couple weeks of Math!!

  4. Bob says:

    that’s a hell of a graduation trip. totally envious. I went to Panama City for my grad trip and got drunk for the first time (on southern comfort. urg). big whoop.

    ever bother get your GED?

  5. Shania says:

    All the cool kids skipped the diploma! We managed just fine without it, huh?

  6. pistols at dawn says:

    Well done. I can say that I hardly recall the graduation ceremony from my high school at all, except that I was barely allowed to walk in it myself, and that somewhere out there, there’s a picture of me out front of the Fancy Downtown Hall the ceremony was held in, and I’m smiling with an entire Chipwich shoved in my mouth.

    Four years of high school culminating in an ability to shove massive amounts of sugared confectionery into my mouth. Sounds about right.

  7. Maddy says:

    Your parents sound ‘terribly’ European!

    No wonder you turned out so well.

  8. flutter says:

    a statue! In a Europe place!

  9. chelle says:

    Wow. What an amazing way to celebrate the end and a beginning!

    Animal …. hehe

  10. Jazz says:

    All I can say to this is I hope Lori graduated from that belt.

  11. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    Your title grabbed my keenest attention instantly as Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring is a piece I have requested of Flip to have played at my funeral. Twice, because it’s short. I thought they would exit to Lulu’s Back in Town, which is nicely upbeat.

    But I digress. This was a wonderful post, and I loved the pictures,too. You are still that babe, clearly, and it should be noted that I have not laid eyes on my own high school diploma since the night I got it and it is anybody’s guess which of several parties claimed it.

    And please don’t pander to the “my sister and I” wrong-plain-wrong crowd. They are probably school administrators, who are generally pompous, self-righteous asses with pretentious but bad grammar.

  12. Pam says:

    Jocelyn, catching up with your posts. They’re great. You’re in fine form.Enjoyed every word.I’m flitting around with borrowed computers and itty bits of spare time.Loved the visit.

  13. Dorky Dad says:

    Dang, I am SO jealous. I had to actually finish school, then wait until I reached my 30s before I could go to Europe …

  14. Logophile says:

    My graduation (or non-graduation, as the case was) was similar in way. I had already moved on as well, and gleefully so.
    Still, it was rather inconsiderate of Bach, I mean…REALLY!

  15. Vodka Mom says:

    that was incredibly cool. Your parents rock.

  16. Glamourpuss says:

    Goodness, what a well-travelled, self-aware eighteen-year-old you were. Incidentally, I got chucked out of school so didn’t take any A Levels. It always amused me that I taught a qualification I hadn’t had opportunity or need of.


  17. choochoo says:

    Do think he was wearing his wig when he summersalted out of his mother’s loins?

  18. Say It says:

    see, when I didn’t show up for 20 days and said screw the school, it had no Europe in it. I guess thats why you were honors society and I was principals office.

    What a wonderful adventure to have had!!

  19. Diana says:

    Hell Yeah!

    Best damn decision in a life of spot-on decisions.

    The board should have just agreed to make that trip an overseas study thing and made you keep a journal for credit.

    Thank goodness they didn’t, though. Nothing like being forced to journal on what would otherwise be a gold-plated diamond-crusted experience. (Voluntary journal writing is a different thing entirely.)

    I’m sure Bach’s parents would agree with yours. In fact, I’m sure they did, which led to his brilliance and the nidus for your corruption.

  20. kimber the wolfgrrrl says:

    The other students were given a piece of paper — what you were given was worth so, so much more!

    (I wonder how many of those graduates would have written “my sister and I”? Oh, it makes me shudder!)

  21. Janelle says:

    bloody funny! loved this post! xx janelle

  22. steve says:

    Dig the bangs, ya dropout!

  23. rak says:

    One day you’ll say to your kids…or grandkids…”back when I was your age, we didn’t have to finish high school.”

    LOVE the way you write!

  24. Dory says:

    Hey, thanks for letting me know about the comment error on my site. I went to check it out, but couldn’t duplicate the error, so maybe it was a wordpress hiccup? Who knows. But thanks! Maybe even try it again???

  25. Minnesota Matron says:

    Lovely way to end high school, professor dr drop out. Confirms my current attitude while looking at several travel opportunities with the family (via the college): Take it!

  26. citizen of the world says:

    I did my last year in Europe and felt just a little sad about not graduating with my classmates. But like you, only for a few minutes.

  27. Mother of Invention says:

    Sounded like a great thing to do. I had a chance o go to England BEFORE the exams in June of Gr. 12 and my chem teacher refused to allow me out of the exam so he averaged my mark as if I’d written it and got zero! jerk! I failed the course and had to take another chem the next year! So dumb!

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