Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want: This Key

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  1. flutter says:

    *jazz hands*

    oop, sorry I was rocking out with bojangles. and why the hell do I want Marscapone all of the sudden?

  2. Jeni says:

    I was finally starting to get a bit sleepy here, reading, lightly scanning over some posts. That is, until I saw you had a new one posted and I clicked in to see what words of wisdom you were imparting tonight. Now, I’m wide awake and probably will be for some time from reading this and snickering the whole way through the darned thing! Just can’t beat a kid on a mission, can ya?
    Now send me some melatonin so my system will go back to the droopy-eyed syndrome that had set in a bit earlier so I can go fall asleep!

  3. lime says:

    the force is strong with this young one. could you send him my way that he might locate the boy limelet’s school uniform which has been missing for a week.

    as for johnny keyfinder, i deeply appreciate this little known biographical information on him. i don’t know what kind of revisionist crap has been perpetuated on kindergarteners everywhere but i for one and glad to have the truth out.

  4. Todd Lund says:

    Your encyclopedic knowledge of music is truly inspiring, Jocelyn. I haven’t heard “Ina-Gadda-Davita” (Iron Butterfly, unmistakably) in over 35 years. And your gift of a Thesaurus (most thoughtful, despite the fact that this invaluable item has become so damn trendy in recent years) to your young offspring underscores just what an incredible mom you really are. Finally, what a generous man your Groom is, to allow niblet to score the find.

  5. citizen of the world says:

    I still think it would have been easier to have a new key made.

  6. Shania says:

    OK, you caught me! But. I didn’t scroll down bc I always obey my reader and I had already read the first post.

    And if you could loan me the small one for a bit? I have much treasures for him to suss out.

  7. Glamourpuss says:

    Niblet Eagle-Eyes saves the day – good lad.


  8. furiousBall says:

    Diet Mt. Dew is the cleanser used to clean Pee Alley I’m pretty sure. Oh, and I forgot to say so, but I got a CD from some lady in Minnesota

  9. Jazz says:

    Inna Gadda Da Vida baby!!!

    Ha! I did read!

    So there…

  10. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    I’d say the force was with Niblet, and with you too, Sweet Lady Who Loveth Things Shiny.

    I would pay money for such a one to live in our household and find the location, location, location of all the things my good husband loses.

    Some people have all the luck, not that I’m bitter or anything.

  11. chelle says:

    hehe so glad you found the key despite all obstacles!

  12. Anette says:

    Thank you once again for your brilliant report from family Jocelyns adventures! You are a writing genius!

  13. kimber the wolfgrrrl says:

    I can almost hear the celestial chorus, and see the shaft of golden light piercing the softly parted clouds….

  14. choochoo says:

    Have I mentioned that you’re funny? Hmm. Don’t know if I did. Now I have to go back and check all my previous comments, as well, just to see if I did…

  15. pistols at dawn says:

    That was the most effective Fake Person You Shouldn’t Be Like story since Young Goodman Brown. Or maybe Highlights’ magazine’s Goofus and Gallant, which also was written by Hawthorne, I believe.

  16. Minnesota Matron says:

    Honey, the problem is your secret pocket. The Matron runs too (and also alarms her children with this whole third person thing) but tucks the key inside of a sock!!

    Works like a charm. And 70 minutes is a nice long run — more than me! I get out for four miles in the mornings. It’s a sanity saver, isn’t it?

  17. rak says:

    I am well impressed!

  18. Chantal says:

    “We. are. going. out. to. the. woods. And. we. will. make. this. an. adventure. And. FUN. You. poopshoots.”


    Glad you found your key! Looks like a nice place to run. Much better than the sidewalks in my suburban town.

  19. liv says:

    dang! you use yer words purtier than a $20 whore.


  20. Karen MEG says:

    I can’t believe you guys found the key!!!
    It helps to have slave-children, doesn’t it LOL!

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