In a Fog

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22 Responses

  1. flutter says:

    My goiters usually just talk to me, yours are all exotic.

  2. Balou says:

    Jinkies Pippi, great story!

  3. kimber the wolfgrrrl says:

    mmmm…..glazed bear claw……..*drools*

  4. Kylie w Warszawie says:

    That was an awesome story! I love how you wind up listening to a story about a woman attacked by a raccoon while you’re running through the foggy woods. That kind of thing happens to me all the time.

    At least it wasn’t the story of the woman jogger who was bitten by a fox and ran 1 mile with the fox still biting her arm.

  5. chelle says:

    It is foggy here a lot and I loved running through the mist and feeling the cool air.

    I however would not have been able to listen to Halloween podcasts of any sort. My imagination is much too vivid!

  6. citizen of the world says:

    gnarf-gnarfs. I like that.

    But poor little raccon.

  7. Jazz says:

    She managed to pin a rabid raccoon down by its neck? I wouldn’t want that lady pissed off at me.

  8. Shania says:

    I’m glad you wrestled your bear (claw) before you got to the woods!

  9. phd in yogurtry says:

    That fog? But inside my head this morning. I’m trying to get up the gumption to venture out into bright, sunshiny morning for a walk but now I fear raccoons and bear claws!

  10. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    That was so funny! Foggy places are so scary anyway between the echoing sounds and no sense of direction!

  11. furiousBall says:


    is that similar to snarf?


  12. pistols at dawn says:

    Helen Keller as a verb? Brilliantly played.

  13. Anette says:

    Mr Nilson wood never do such a thing! (the monkey on your schoulder that is)

  14. TavoLini says:

    dude–this is crazy and awesome!

    I’m a new reader, a “Joslin” who goes by “Lini” and was drawn to your site by your name and connection to Norwegian Anette.

  15. Jeni says:

    “a tire iron, the ultimate meat tenderizer” – loved that part and I can envision -in my mind’s eye -right now, my using something like that sometime this winter on the off-chance, my son-in-law, the great white hunter, has any luck during deer season this year!
    Your stories always make me chuckle, brighten my day (or night) whatever time it might happen to be when I’m reading your stuff anyway. Keep it coming!

  16. Casdok says:

    Well written and love the pics!!

  17. Wendy says:

    wow, I need more fog around here.

  18. choochoo says:

    I luves fog. Especially the kinda fog they have in scary books, which might actually eat you. Mehe.

  19. Franki says:

    Top of the list of things NOT to do when it’s so foggy I can’t see my pastry in front of my eyes: Go running in the woods.

    Crazy woman.

  20. Janelle says:

    always so funny. brilliant! thick fog, eh? whooooooooooooo.. . xx janelle

  21. lime says:

    i am ok with the occasional bear encounter but am loathe to exert myself in athletic fashion. i’ll take my pore tightening at the hershey spa, tyvm. glad you made it out alive and more glowing than ever.

  22. Glamourpuss says:

    There’s monkeys in them woods?



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