Blind-sided and Gobsmacked

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19 Responses

  1. flutter says:

    your heart is a beautiful thing.

  2. Shania says:

    Brilliant! *applauds*

    ps: I still have a sweater like Denise’s purple one. Wanna borrow it?

  3. Jeni says:

    You never cease to amaze me -the breadth and depth of your writing -just absolutely awesome!
    How true those words were when first spoken by Dr. King and how true they are, still, today. The key is to get all factions to finally realize that this is the ONLY way EVER for peace -world-wide -to ever come about.
    Peace, my friend.

  4. Ann(ie) says:

    Beautiful. standing and clapping!!!!!

  5. lime says:

    his words, whether i read them or hear the old film, never fail to stir me deeply.

  6. Becky Cazares says:

    Free at last, indeed! What a week we have in store!

  7. citizen of the world says:

    Once I got over giggling at the idea of your “ladies’ dangling and flapping in the wind, I loved the power of the post. Feels like a new era.

  8. Pam says:

    Wow. Goodness, a bit speechless here!! A strong post!

  9. Kylie w Warszawie says:

    You are AWESOME!


  10. Chantal says:

    Phew, I’m all misty here. Beautiful!

  11. Jazz says:

    Wonderful post.


    Of course.

  12. chelle says:

    holy smokes.
    you totally rock.

  13. Her Grace says:

    You gave me chills, woman. Thanks for a little perspective today.

  14. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    What an awesome post.

  15. furiousBall says:

    I do Bill Cosby aerobics every morning in the nude, well a ridiculous sweater and legwarmers, but that’s it. I end with a flourish by doing jazz hands and helicoptering my junk

  16. Jill says:

    Awesome. There’s nothing else to say.

  17. choochoo says:

    I used to watch that show religiously when I was a kid.

    Very nice post, lady:)

  18. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    I always loved the Huxtaables because Bill Cosby has been the most charming man in America since his role in “I Spy,” co-starring with Robert Culp who barely registered on my radar.

    And because I have rarely known a family of any color as warm and genuinely loving as they were. In my fondest dreams, I was a Huxtable, too.

    I love the way you juxtaposed all these diverse elements in this post. Your writing always delights me, Jocelyn.

  19. pistols at dawn says:

    I, for one, am particularly thankful to your neighbors for giving you a rich tableaux with which you put Edgar Lee Masters and his Spoon River characters to shame at least twice weekly.

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