She Ought to Be in Pictures

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25 Responses

  1. Becky Cazares says:

    Pure angel!

    (Now where is that danged kleenex?)

  2. Fragrant Liar says:

    That was beautiful. It’s so amazing, isn’t it? How complex and perfect and mind-boggling their growth is. Happy birthday to the lovely 9-year-old who walks beside you.

    It’s my mom’s birthday today too. She’s 74.

  3. Shania says:

    What a lovely tribute.

  4. Prefers Her Fantasy Life says:

    This is beautiful. Please remember to reread when she is a teenager. 😉

  5. chelle says:

    Oh lovely indeed!!!
    many birthday wishes to your sweet nine year old!

  6. lime says:

    it is such an amazing marvel to watch these little souls we’ve nurtured blossom so confidently. and it is a celebration to have them stand next to us.

    happy birthday to such a wonder.

  7. Jeni says:

    As one who has walked the road you’re on with your daughter (and your son too) and who was crazy enough to go down that path three times to boot, it is really a shock to the system isn’t it as you step back and observe the changes that take place with children. Now, I’m on that path once again except this time it’s with two beautiful little grandkids with autism and and awesome grandson -age 11 -who never ceases to amaze me either!
    It’s been a journey I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the whole wide world, just keeps getting better by the day too -or at least more interesting, downright fascinating -as you’ve shown here so beautifully in marking your daughter’s ninth birthday. Hope it’s a grand day for her -and for you and the groom too as you remember more and more of the things that brought you to this time in her life.

  8. ms. changes pants while driving says:

    wow. beautiful post. beautiful daughter. gives me hope for the future 😀

  9. citizen of the world says:

    This has been my theory, too, when that first piece of my heart left my body more than 15 years ago. You don’t even breathe the same way after that.

    A very happy birthday to your daughter. (That last picture is flat adorable.)

  10. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    Your external heart drive, DeeDee, is a gorgeous and delightful young girl!

    I thoroughly enjoyed these pictures and marveled at her beauty and charm, so evident even as a baby.

    You won’t believe how fast they grow up, but as one who raised my own best friends but still struggles in my soul over things I should have done better, I say with confidence that the world will always be able to strike at you through them. It is indeed a hostage situation that never ends.

    Happy Birthday to Jocelyn’s Girl!

  11. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    Many happy returns! She sounds like a glorious human being!

  12. kmkat says:

    That is a lovely tribute — and full of love, as well. You two are lucky to have each other.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Funny, all that being true, she looks more like you now than ever.

    And I love your long hair (as seen in previous post singing).


  14. flutter says:

    oof, mama, my heart.

  15. monica says:

    Oh that is beautiful, what a wonderful gitl you have, and what a wonderful mom she has! Happy birthday to both of you! I just love her loving relationship with her brother.

  16. choochoo says:

    I know several ppl who spent newyears eve asleep in their own vomit and they’re all waaay older than your kid… lol

  17. Jazz says:

    Aw! C’mon!! no fair.

    I had trouble reading to the end because I got something in my eyes and it’s making them leak.

    It’s way too early in the morning for leaky eyes.

  18. rak says:

    She is absolutely beautiful and will certainly shed some tears one day upon reading your lovely words 🙂

    You are blessed to have each other 🙂

  19. kimber the wolfgrrrl says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful soul! Happy Birthday!

  20. Chantal says:

    Ohhh that is so beautiful. She is, your writing is. Just beautiful!

  21. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    BTW, regarding your comment about Garrison Keillor, I kind of had a sneaking suspicion he was the mean type.

  22. Pam says:

    Stunningly beautiful. Every young girl needs to have such a heartfelt and sincere piece written about her by a loving mother. Just beautiful! She will treasure those words for life.

  23. Casdok says:

    Happy birthday! A beautiful post – i enjoyed all the photos.

  24. cathy says:

    I hadn’t realised she was the same age as my youngest. Where did the time go? Next thing you know they will be off to college.

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