Thus Sprach Jocey-thustra

I’ve been framed.



By Jocelyn

There's this game put out by the American Girl company called "300 Wishes"--I really like playing it because then I get to marvel, "Wow, it's like I'm a real live American girl who has 300 wishes, and that doesn't suck, especially compared to being a dead one with none."


  1. you could also string up the hacked off ears of your enemies that you killed in battle.

    btw, i am currently reading (i.e. reading two pages, falling asleep, forgetting the two pages, rinse, repeat) – Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  2. endless options!! great! just let someone else light the birthday candle, to avoid burns… or…well, can they work as keyholders? instead of the “decorative” ones around your neck that are so popular nowadays..? sorry that your nails now won’t get filed.. but, you know, you can’t win ’em all..

  3. i KNEW you’d go with the circles and i KNEW it was because you could hang stuff offa them. how do i know these things? well, because that’s why i’d want them and i AM your psychic sister. although the ridges would have allowed you to be part of the rhythm section of a band too, you could use them as a scraper, dontcha know. nonetheless, you made a darned fine choice.

  4. I laughed til I cried!! I need circles to hold extra tissues for when I’m laughing at your blog. If I had circles, I would tie helium balloons to each side. I would never have to push my eyeglasses up again. They look fantastic and you do too. Fun to see you via video and to hear your voice.

  5. I like the hacked off ears idea and the helium balloons. I think you should do a weekly series showcasing what new uses you’ve come up with for your glasses.

  6. I did’t think it was possible but I have just fallen in love with you a little bit more. Circles are OBVIOUSLY the logical choice – what was I thinking with my Ridges support?! I am so glad you set me straight.


  7. LOL! They look great, and it never occurred to me how many functional and fashionable options you had with those circles. Christmas decor is a biggie–of course you can wear small xmas balls and icycles. (I can’t spell that, you get the idea.)

  8. A woman after my own heart — function over fashion! Oops, I mean, function AS WELL AS fashion ; )

    Great to see you and hear you, my dear.

  9. Oh, happy, happy glee reigneth in CalifornI-A. You look sensational, and so incredibly functional indeed.

    Do you know how much your excellent voice sounds like Meryl Streep’s? Yeah, verily, I sayeth, t’is so.

  10. I listened to you again, and during the part where you said “I can spice it up, just a little more” you sound like you are channeling Suze Orman.

  11. I want to hang out with you. And your circle glasses. We could drink wine and think of things to do with toothpicks and birthday candles.

    “Festooned” had me chortling, after I had finally calmed down after the initial rising-to-the-music bit. I love you 😉

  12. When you got to the Christmas use I was sure you were going to pop up with lights strung through the circles.

  13. I loved hearing your voice,now YOU can read your posts to me, LOL.

    Why would someone with no teeth want a toothpick?

    Ok I’m off to see what I can do with those pipe cleaners I have on the family creativity table:)
    Where are my glasses…

    … you trendsetter!

  14. ha! Love this. Who knew glasses were so versatile?? I’ve only been using them to help me see better. Silly me!!! You are genius.

  15. HaHaHa!!!Haha! So funny!!”Festooning the cheek. I’m all for a bit of festooning!They look great!Great to see and hear you, so much fun. xxxx

  16. Hey, if you gotta wear glasses, it should be about the fun! You kinda reminded me of Bette Midler and I mean that as a great compliment.

  17. I was expecting Christmas decorations and easter eggs…

    I can’t help but think this will become a YouTube hit…

  18. Totally the right choice…of soundtrack. Circles aren’t bad, either, but think of what Ben Hur could have done with the ridges.

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