I Did Not Either Go Back Three Days Later and Stage These Photos, So Hesh Up with Your Badgering Questions Already

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  1. chelle says:

    egads … that is rough! Looks like an awesome trail to run on though!

  2. Bob says:

    lucky for you there was a camera positioned on the trail to document this incident. having to run into that log a second time just to capture it on film would be a bitch.

  3. Shania says:

    Hmm, at this point I believe I would consider a segway. It's obvious that the woods are out to get you.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    So, who can you sue for damages?
    This is exactly why I prefer NOT to run!

  5. Jazz says:

    Admit it. You have a strange thing for ferns…

  6. kmkat says:

    Aren't you glad you landed in ferns instead of, say, poison ivy? I know it is hard to imagine that your run/falls could have been worse, but it could…

  7. SQT says:

    Lord, I have to drive two hours to find foliage like that. I get to run at the gym and try not to eyeball the clock the whole time. Doesn't work out that well. If I fall, I get treadmill burn and the embarrassment of falling in public. You're braver than I though. I doubt I would want photographic evidence of my clumsiness.

  8. jess says:

    Well I could've told you that exercise is bad!! I'm glad you survived. It would be embarrassing to die from a tree attack. Especially if the tree was stationary.

  9. Pam says:

    There's no stoppin' this gal! Your a legend in your own fern patch.The only way I run is to get to the loo on time when I'm home from shopping.Jocelyn you rock!

  10. Jeni says:

    Since I happen to be one who is very graceful -NOT -Absolutely. Not. -a run, hell, even a slow walk on a path like that would have had me needing an ambulance and several paramedics to load me on the stretcher and carry me out! And I could have told you that exercise -like housework -is the root of all evil. Oh my Lawsy and file it into a fang, huh? I'd do my running on a well carpeted floor with lots of foam or spongy stuff underneath to help cushion any falls, for sure!
    Are you sure that isn't Conan O'Brian's knee though?

  11. phd in yogurtry says:

    And here I was lately thinking I might bump up my fast-ish trail walking to a jog. Thanks. Someone saved my life toooo-night.

  12. flutter says:

    dude, your arms are cut! and I hope you got a release for Conan O'Brien's knee…

  13. monica says:

    so, you know the line from Karate Kid where the old karate master says( to whether or not he can crack a log with his bare hands)
    "never been attacked by tree!" – you can shout – WELL I DID!! :o) I too would love to have me some very own private paparazzies..

  14. Patois says:

    I knew it wasn't Conan's knee. I'd know HIS knee anywhere.

  15. Midlife Jobhunter says:

    HAhahahahahaha! I'm not laughing because you got hurt, honest.

    Hope you're healing well. See, exercise isn't always good for you.

  16. lime says:

    sweet fancy moses, woman. do NOT feel obligated to keep up with me in the head banging department. can we not leave that to the syd viciouses of the world? i was seeing stars on your behalf at the mere description of wailing your noggin on that tree. yegads. i need ice just thinking about it.

    in all seriousness, do you ever see a chiropractor. i'd highly recommend it after taking a hit like that. yeouch!

  17. Liam says:

    Thank you for your great comments on my blog. Next post I make will address your comment.

  18. Vanessa says:

    I love that your companions took pictures instead of warning you. Sounds like my friends…

  19. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    Yep, a body could really get hurt getting healthy and all. Glad you made it back from the malevolent woodland with all your appendages intact, albeit bleeding profusely.

    I have always been of the school which holds that a body falling in the forest does indeed fall, and that the witness is irrelevant. But I am a pessimist by nature, and clumsy.

  20. secret agent woman says:

    Sorry about the knee owie. But good grief, I can't believe you went to all that trouble to re-enact the head bonk.

  21. Sue says:

    Husker DU? The Replacements? Violent Femmes?

    I should hook you up with my brother! All your music was his favs too!

    Oh and hilarious post!

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