You Want to Come to Their Potluck

I noted in my last post that my body is descended from a long line of human couches. I like to think our cushions are covered in the softest of plush upholsteries and that those allowed to fluff our throw pillows are both deserving and grateful.

Below is a literal line-up of my genetic line: three great aunts, plus my grandma, Dorothy (she’s second from the right). They all grew up on a ranch in Montana; they all married ranch hands; they all made (make!–two of them are still alive and cooking, albeit with limited sight and fluctuating memory) hella good chocolate cakes and peach pies; they all never shirked a day’s work in their lives.

Interestingly, while the La-Z-Boy trait passed on nicely to me, the “work ethic” gene got lost in the bloodline somewhere along the way.

Anyhow, this is the photo that caused my dear galpal, Pammy–herself a bit of an overstuffed chair–to exclaim, “I look at that picture, and all I see are hips and breasts! Oh, honey, you didn’t stand a chance, did you?”

Not when it came to breasts and hips, I didn’t, no.

But in so many other ways, I did.








24 responses to “You Want to Come to Their Potluck”

  1. iJim Avatar

    Hon, Grandma Dorothy is the spittin' image of Jeff Daniels in a wig. Evidence:

  2. Michelle Wells Grant Avatar
    Michelle Wells Grant

    That there's some mighty fine stock y'all come from. (I think the photo is adorable and priceless.) I just might have to copy .. I'm reminded of an old photo of my husband's great grandmother who looks just like the Wicked Witch of the West, (or is it the East? the mean one!) only meaner!

  3. Patois Avatar

    Love, love, love that photo.

    (iJim is a hoot!)

  4. ds Avatar

    Yep. Those are some proud farm wives (your grandma has a great smile!). "Hella good chocolate cake and peach pie" sounds like a pretty good legacy to me!

  5. Pam Avatar

    Don't know what I love more, the photograph at the end, or the opening paragraph,that line 'those allowed to fluff our throw pillows'..hahaha!Great post!!

  6. actonbell Avatar

    Precious photo–it's so neat that you have that.

  7. phd in yogurtry Avatar
    phd in yogurtry

    you take after Dorothy. but not in the way iJim just noted. no, not in that way at all.

  8. Midlife Jobhunter Avatar
    Midlife Jobhunter

    Looks like strong, old fashioned Montana stock to me. You had to pad yourself up there – cold winters and all.

    Great picture.

  9. Jenn @ Juggling Life Avatar
    Jenn @ Juggling Life

    They all look just like my grandma from Kansas–though I'm sure the shortest one has a good 6 inches on her.

  10. Logophile Avatar

    I LOVE that pic!
    Seriously, boobs, hips, AND good food, doesn't that make them a dream come true for most men?

  11. Jazz Avatar

    That is the coolest photo!

  12. diane Avatar

    I love these women, what a classy looking group! How lucky you are to have relatives like that. No wonder you turned out so well. 🙂

  13. Becky Cazares Avatar
    Becky Cazares

    When Paco and Girl bring the little ones home to see Nana, they'll be the luckiest grandkids in the whole world! There is just NUTHIN' like a hug from a well-padded grandma – I should know! I was also a lucky grandkid (but happened to inherit my dad's Mr. Greenjeans genes! Ha!). Fantastic pic!

  14. chelle Avatar

    You make it sound like a bad thing. Boobs and hips RULE!

  15. Bob Avatar

    all this talk about upholstery brings to mind the famous line from Roxanne: "Your breasts are like pillows. Can I fluff your pillows?"

  16. Green Girl in Wisconsin Avatar
    Green Girl in Wisconsin

    We hail from the same healthy Germanic stock! But alas, I somehow missed the breast gene.
    I think there is nobody finer than those old-school farmwives with cat's eye glasses, big calves (amen!), wide hips, and huge hearts.

  17. Pearl Avatar

    Oh, I don't know. Those gals look like they could work all day and play cards all night.

    And SPANK?! I wouldn't mouth off to ONE of 'em!


  18. diane Avatar

    Hahahahaha, laughing at Bob's comment.

  19. flutter Avatar

    Man. Women are amazing, aren't we?

  20. Jeni Avatar

    A former neighbor of mine keeps telling me how much she thinks I look like my maternal grandmother and somehow, I've never "seen" that when I look at myself in the mirror and look at pics of Grandma. But then, most members of my family have said I have more traits from my Dad's side. Go figure. But, looking at your photo, ya know girl, I can see a very strong resemblance between you and your Grandmother! And don't sell yourself short on the ambition genes either -you got 'em kiddo! Strong stock -hale and hearty -and with a big smile to go along with it! Yep -I can see you when I look at that picture of your grandmother and it's something of which you can be very proud too!

  21. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    I suppose it is adaptive to have some padding if you're going to live in places where it gets so frigging cold. But you know what? I think its cool to be able t see genetics in action like that. I see it in my Dad's side of the family – ALL of us are constructed with a bird's skeleton.

  22. choochoo Avatar

    what's wrong with hips and boobs? Your middle and your would look really freaky if they were just floating in thin air. This things have to be attached to something, you know. Hang on… your head isn't attached to your boobs, as such, is it? Make that shoulders.

  23. lime Avatar

    those sorts of pictures are priceless. and as for chances. well, i say you got the best in the breast and hips and in the other good stuff.

    and now for the spit take alert…

    i privatley emailed you one story about the whole genetic inheritance thing in body tupe and whatnot. here is a little gem that demonstrates though one generation may be doubtful another values things.

    the boy was about 8 and we were cuddling on the couch watching something edifying like spongebob. the boy's head lay gently upon my bosom. we were wrapped up in an afghan(his name may have been abduhl but i am not sure). we were happy. the boy lifted his head briefly to make eye contact with me and smile as he declared, "mommy, your breasts make splendid pillows." after i regained composure from the guffaws his particular word choice in praise of my mamaries, i let him nestle his little noggin back in and sighed happily.

  24. Fragrant Liar Avatar
    Fragrant Liar

    I love these old pics, and after a time (like after your teen years), you learn to love what your family gave you. Except for osteoarthritis, I mean…

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