And People Say Kids Don’t Pick Up After Themselves

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  1. kmkat says:

    Boys + fire = happiness.

    When #1 son went on an overnight camping trip with his E1 class, what was his most favoritest part? Getting to strike matches, something his mother had never let him try.

  2. Shania says:

    Can you have him spread it all back out in a nice little nest over in the corner? I'm coming to live in that gorgeous kitchen and I want somewhere to sleep.

  3. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    Boys and pyromania–an unbeatable combo since time immemorial.

  4. diane says:

    I would search Paco's room for a coffee pot if I was you.

  5. Dory says:

    Paco is such an adorable little pyro!

  6. Jazz says:

    I particularly like the picture of him with his head in the bag.

  7. Fragrant Liar says:

    The kid should at least now be totally stress-free. What a great therapist you'd make! :))

  8. Becky Cazares says:

    Magazine shredding therapy! You could make millions! And if that doesn't work, just hire out the Paco-shredder who even CLEANS UP… wow!

  9. Mad's mom says:

    Here from Pearl…loved this. Totally random question: I have almost the same paint color in my kitchen. What color are your countertops? (we're considering a remodel and it's cool seeing my color in someone else's house.)

  10. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    That is dang cute. I have some paper on my end that needs shredding if you hire him out…

  11. lime says:

    hey, ya just had to reward the self started clean up process with a chance for a controlled burn!

  12. Michelle Wells Grant says:

    Aw but he's a sweet little sprite. And I want that new kitchen of yours!!!! And you look so skinny (in previous post), Ms. Marscapone!

  13. tattytiara says:

    Ah hahaha what wonderfulness!

  14. secret agent woman says:

    Hmm. My old boyrfiend not only shredded my heart beyond repair but he, too, cradeled the remnants for a brief period. Man, that was an unpleasant bit of deja vu!

  15. actonbell says:

    Too cute! And I identify with the magazines–I can't even manage to get through the newspaper every day…

  16. heartinsanfrancisco says:

    Could you send him to me posthaste? Do I have a job for him! And if he should happen to possess a shoulder rocket, all the better. I'll even beg if that's what it takes.

  17. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings says:

    I hope my son is so excited about cleaning at that age! I also hope he starts sleeping soon too. It"s 11 p.m. and he won't go back to bed. Arrrrrrgh!

  18. monica says:

    oh there's nothing like boys and their little innocent voices.. ;o)

  19. Patois says:

    Ah, but I'd love to have seen the bonfire he created.

  20. chelle says:

    Evolution is so cool.

    What fun.Seriously. To destroy the world, then clean it up … all in a days work!

  21. Anonymous says:

    uhm, you could RECYCLE it!!

  22. Jocelyn says:

    Dear Anonymous: We did recycle it. We don't actually let the kid burn stuff, nor does his sensitive self want to.

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