It’s Not Br’er Rabbit, I’ll Tell You That Much


Gracious, but I’m having Race Around the State for Work week here! I spent last Thursday through Saturday in Minneapolis, attending the faculty union State Delegate Assembly, which is always a hoot (as we say here in the Midwest when we’re not busy stabbing each other with niceness); at this Delegate Assembly, for several hours, I got to watch the members of a Good Ole Boys’ Club enjoy center stage as they ruled each others’ motions out of order…

if you know what I mean.

Honestly, the energy of any Good Ole Boys’ Club gathering does seem to spin around a fair amount of ruling. And rubbing. Of motions. ALL IN A VERY HETEROSEXUAL WAY, I’m sure.

Anyhow, I sat in a room and listened to resolutions and votes and pretty much chuckled at how Robert’s Rules of Order is, to middle-aged set, what dropping some Ecstasy and heading off to a rave is to those in their twenties. Whatever gets you throwing your hands in the air, my friends.

Then, in a few minutes here, I’m dashing off to an Online Evaluation Task Force meeting, which is also, I sense, supposed to make me feel like a contributing member of my academic community,

but mostly it makes me feel like there went another hour of my life I’ll never get back.

Further, tomorrow night I’m heading back down to the Twin Cities to attend an awards banquet dealie, which is the kind of event that is helpful in that it recalibrates my personal vision of Hell and makes me more appreciative than ever to breathe real air when I stumble out of the hotel, gasping for any small evidence of Real People in a Real World, at the end of four hours.

But, you know, I’m our family’s income earner, so these are the things I do. At the end of all this driving around and biting my tongue, I have to admit this stuff is hella good people watching.

In the absence of more time for typing in the next few days, I share with you one of Groom’s latest Digital Photography class assignments. The task was to create a collage, wherein the composite is comprised of a variety of photos. The other parameters were to use Photoshop to alter some bits and, get this for fun, to create an illustration for a classic children’s or folk tale.

All right, geniuses: what story is he illustrating with this collage of photos?









19 responses to “It’s Not Br’er Rabbit, I’ll Tell You That Much”

  1. Jazz Avatar

    Um… "Light the robot on fire and Stab Him With a Fork"?

    My brother used to read that one to me all the time.

  2. Green Girl in Wisconsin Avatar
    Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Frankenstein? Just a guess.
    Men. Meetings. Both to be avoided in large numbers.

  3. furiousBall Avatar

    more like Dick's Rules of Order… oh snap.

  4. chelle Avatar

    you are a busy lil beaver!

    Wow Groom is rockin the digital art!

  5. Middle Aged Woman Avatar
    Middle Aged Woman

    If you wish to make a quiz, you should avoid naming the photo. Ahem. Fronkenshteen?

  6. kmkat Avatar

    Definitely Frankenstein.

    One-word solution to boring meetings: knitting. It's how I survive.

  7. Pam Avatar

    I can't remember the title of that classic children's tale, but I remember it ends on the last page…"and so Frankenstein, you've finally met your match".Is that the one? Jokes aside, a fancy bit of techno-whizz there on the part of the Groom -well done, and well done to you for tolerating the meetings. If you're like me, you sit in them thinking "Life's much too short for this!".

  8. Maddy Avatar

    I was going to say Frankenstein too but I don't know if it's a classic for children so it must be something else!

  9. Jenn @ Juggling Life Avatar
    Jenn @ Juggling Life

    It looks Frankenstein to me–except for that's not a children's tale–unless you're trying to scare your children to death.

    I had a similar meeting experience the other night–I'm the only female member of the water polo club board. And boy do they need me.

  10. Jocelyn Avatar

    Groom saved the photo for me to upload and had named it for purposes of his class, so, yes, the name "Pursuit of Frankenstein" is there, indeed.

    The assignment was for classic children's or FOLK tale, and I guess Frankenstein qualifies…

  11. Deborah Avatar

    Classic children's tale, indeed!! Your Groom must be having quite a lot of fun with his class, by the look of it.

    Laughed out loud at Robert's Rules of Order vs. the ecstasy high – I love the associations you make. Your brain must be the equivalent of the contortionist I saw on TV the other night. Same reaction – how does she DO that???

  12. Becky Cazares Avatar
    Becky Cazares

    Meetings! They're why I decided that retiring was such a great idea! Got pretty hard toward the end there to come up with new excuses not to attend. Guess that's why I still follow @MeetingBoy on Twitter! Ha!

    Gotta learn Photoshopping one of these days. Groom is quite skilled; can't even see how he did it! I like the reverse shadow on the rock that looks like a guy coming the other way. Kinda creepy.

  13. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    Beauty and the Beast? One of the hobbit books?

  14. christopher Avatar

    Scary or not, it's as kids that most of us were exposed to Frankenstein.

    And…funny on the Robert's Rules of Order and meetings. I have long felt that when the 'rules of order' folks take over…the rules of reason go out the window.

  15. actonbell Avatar

    Frankenstein! But–that's not Kris Krinkle in the pick suit, is it?

  16. Jen Avatar

    Groom did a great job. I knew immediately it was Frankenstein.

  17. Jocelyn Avatar

    Actonbell: It IS Kris Kringle in the red suit; in fact, every figure in the collage is a photo of an action figure from Paco's Special Drawer of Plastic Delights. Frankenstein himself is from the Justice League, I do believe. The guy in the back with glasses is from Superman, methinks. And so on. Groom made the shadows on the rock wall (which is one of our garden walls, made out of a broken-up sidewalk) himself, though.

  18. lime Avatar

    you are the only person i know who could ever draw a paralell between a rave and a god awful business meeting relying heavily on robert's rules. genius, woman!

    and groovy frankenstein collage!

  19. ds Avatar

    Frankenlego! However, if there is a stein attached (presumably filled) then obviously the guy with the fork is expecting the tasty bits. And the good Doctor is hiding in the shadows, citing my word verification: "vativer."

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