The Rare Photo That Captures Perfectly Each Kid’s Personality


One of these kids will grow up to teach in an elementary school classroom, run a human resources office, or become a sociological researcher.

The other one will grow up to work as a Lego masterbuilder or–even better–a mad scientist.

One of these kids passes spare moments sawing out new tunes on the viola.

The other one fills unscheduled minutes by hanging onto the side of an easy chair, shouting, “Look at how I sucker myself to the side; I’m the monitor lizard that ate Spiderman.”

One of these kids’ meal of choice is vanilla yogurt stirred with granola.

The other one begins many a meal with a bellered, “I’m not just a carnivore; I’m an omnivore, so watch out edamame, watch out beef sticks, and watch out plastic spoons!”

One of these kids likes to sit on the chaise lounge and read books about middle schoolers who dread the lunch hour.

The other one likes to sit on a frisbee swing and deflect galactic missiles with ultra-elemental ax kicks.

One of these kids gets us to our destination by directing, “Mom, turn here.  Left!”

The other one is oblivious to the concept of “destination,” being too busy listening to Allie Finkel’s Rules for Girls to register that an outside world exists.

One of these kids soothes a hurt sibling’s heart by running to get beloved stuffed animals for hugs.

The other one believes the stuffed animal is actually alive.

One of these kids uses allowance money to buy unnecessary reading glasses to wear in front of the mirror while being “cool.”

The other one wears drinking straws twisted into spectacles and sucks chicken noodle soup through them, an act that only works when the liquid is suitably cool.

One of these kids poses a Question of the Day on the whiteboard in our bathroom.

The other one refuses to answer the Question of the Day but, rather, makes spot edits to the responses of others.  Most recently, when the Question of the Day was “What American name would you choose for yourself, if you could?”, and Groom answered with “Huckle Pie,” this Other Child erased the “H,” replaced it with a “B,” and turned Daddy’s answer into “Buckle Pie.”   [the “Question of the Day” specified an American name because previous QotDs had asked about names of choice in other countries]   Thanks to Other Child’s mischief, I’m now considering dropping the use of “Groom” on this blog and just referring to him as “…my husband, Buckle Pie.”

One of these children will, in time, handle our estate matters with great aplomb.

The other one will pretend to be a Pokemon called Feraligatr during the memorial service.

One of these children learned to read rotely and diligently, from piece to whole.

The other one learned to read from the top down, understanding the essence of the book from the air hovering above it.

One of these children helps carry bags into the house when we get home from shopping.

The other one has to be tackled and loaded with a loaf of bread, all the while protesting, “But I’m too tired.  My legs don’t work.”

One of these children sets the alarm for 7:42 a.m.–all the better for popping out of bed in the morning and getting a start on the day.

The other one pours out of bed reluctantly, sliding into another bed for a cuddle and asking for a thermometer, just in case illness has set in, making further movement inadvisable.

One of these children is ying.

The other one is yang.

Put side by side, they pitch each other into starker relief, illuminating each other’s borders, serving as each other’s negative space–



By Jocelyn

There's this game put out by the American Girl company called "300 Wishes"--I really like playing it because then I get to marvel, "Wow, it's like I'm a real live American girl who has 300 wishes, and that doesn't suck, especially compared to being a dead one with none."


  1. I'd have said the same about my two, but as time passes, I'm starting to wonder. The personalities remain the same, but the younger one is actually inching ahead on responsibility.

  2. If it wasn't for the Women's Colony, we may have never met. The picture speaks volumes, and the descriptions are picture perfect.

  3. Oh, such fun to catch up, from your motorbike-loving friends (may their ride into the sunset be long and joyful), through the student emails (Are they serious? I would love to be a fly on the wall of your classroom), to this. Not to overstate the obvious, but you have great kids. Really great kids. Happy summer!

  4. I just fell desperately in love with both of them–and with you! The mother who sees them both so clearly for WHO THEY ARE and LOVES THEM FOR ALL THEIR UNIQUENESS.
    If I was standing next to you, I'd be offer my fist for a bump.

  5. How would you do the ying and yang thing with three kids -each so different and yet, in some ways so alike too but yet again, so damned different! Confusing, yes. Fun, usually. Irritating at times -quite often! But not so much now as they were oh, 15-30 years ago!

  6. one cant't do without the other. perfect! what great lifes they have and will have..

    they are a bit similar to my boy and girl,though here the boy is the eldest… and his sister is called "mom2" on his cell phone…

  7. It's been a long time since I've been over here hasn't it? Um…cuz you got new digs and all. I'm so ashamed on how behind I am on all of my blog reading.

    Anyhoo…this really describes girls and boys, doesn't it? It's not just siblings, but the difference in the sexes (usually but sometimes you get a crazy girl like my niece. I'm waiting for her to break something. Seriously!)

  8. I think I'll take Paco's stance. The way things are with my parents at the moment, if and when there's a memorial service, being Pokemon called Faraligatr is looking both pretty good and sanity saving. Oh Lord, did I just say that.It's the stress talking Joce. I'm also finding myself clinging to chairs.

  9. What wonders they are!

    How about change the "G" to a "B" and start calling him "Broom"? Although I think Buckle Pie is probably the way to go.

  10. High Five, Fist Bump, and General Goodwill to you. I get the feeling you're a wonderful mother!


  11. I wish I'd been a mom like this. Like you, I mean. Honestly. Your children are incredibly lucky to have you, and one day when you're really old they're going to have all your blog posts to read too!!!

    Imagine being able to capture your children's personalities in words like this. Just imagine. I've gone limp in admiration. Also limp because it's late and after ninety gazillion miles in the car, we are home.

    Being home means I can go on my computer way more often, so seeing you there with a new post was a big treat. I envy you your facility with thoughts and words and have only two more of my own to add…night night.

  12. i love the picture. i love that they are so radically different. i love that you celebrate who they are.

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