Let’s Ponder Why This Business Might Have Failed

“Let’s Ponder Why This Business Might Have Failed”








19 responses to “Let’s Ponder Why This Business Might Have Failed”

  1. Jazz Avatar


    So, is this going to be your new house?

  2. chelle Avatar

    oh epic fail!

  3. Pam Avatar

    The word "fail" is something I never associate with a visit here.What failed, I gasped, the business of going to Turkey??? My heart went to my mouth, ie fail and Jocelyn just don't go together! Can't tell you how relieved I was when 'twas just the sign on the door. The colour, momentarily drained, came back to my face. It is now no longer wiht.

  4. Jenn @ Juggling Life Avatar
    Jenn @ Juggling Life

    Since you've not been getting the nightly news, you may have missed the report about the crew from a school district that put down, "SHCOOL" in the crosswalk. Argh!

  5. Becky C. Avatar
    Becky C.

    Yah, I speak Engilish now and then!

  6. secret agent woman Avatar
    secret agent woman

    Hey, I typyed that sgin.

  7. diane Avatar

    Hahahaha, this one made me laugh out loud.

  8. lime Avatar

    hehehehe, can't imagine.

  9. geewits Avatar

    Awesome! You should be able to get a great collection of those.

  10. Jeni Avatar

    Just like a lot of folks in this country -natives, at that -who profess to be Engilish speaking but can't spell for you know what! LOL

  11. yogurt Avatar

    No tnahk yuo.

  12. Logophile Avatar

    I prefir brwn Engrish speeching drivers

  13. monica Avatar

    can't imagine why… and that was even BEFORE a certain english teacher came by!

  14. geewits Avatar

    Maybe they could speak it, just not write it? Kinda like a bunch of my fellow Americans.

  15. Patois Avatar

    Or let's not and move on. Dot org.

  16. Shrinky Avatar

    It put's me in mind of our African Safari trip! Too funny funny for words, and yes, buyer beware, eh? Ha!

  17. amr mettwally abd elhafeez Avatar
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  18. Chantal Avatar

    So I get busy and can't read blogs for a few months and you up and move out of your country!!! It took me some back tracking to find your post telling the story. Your in Turkey! Sounds like such an interesting adventure. I wish I could do something like that with my kids… I may just have to plan for it 🙂

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