Remembrance of Donkeys Past

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  1. Midlife Jobhunter says:

    I'm thinking that boy's gonna be just fine.

  2. haphazardlife says:

    I wish my life sucked as bad as his…

    – Jazz

  3. C-leen says:

    oh, that face he has on in the pic where he's atop a double-decker bus wearing earbuds . . . that is YOUR FACE. So totally you. Happy 8th, Thor!

  4. Corey and Kristin says:

    hallooooooooooo from elijah

  5. yogurt says:

    What a wonderful photo-montage. I really enjoyed that. Happy Birthday to your Paco!

  6. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you!

    I have a feeling he might retain a few happy memories from this year. Though he does do a nice dead stare!

  7. secret agent woman says:

    How many hours did it take you to upload all those photos?

    My kids complained when we were in Costa Rica about the heat and so on. Now they seem to have only good memories of that and other trips.

  8. alwaysinthebackrow says:

    What a great kid! It must be quite a challenge to keep both kids busy in a place so different from home. Looks as though you've done it.
    My son and yours share a birthday. It appears we share the gift of wonderful sons.

    Happy birthday to both of you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love your posts on your kid's birthdays, Jocelyn. What a gift those will be for them in the future. What we remember of our own lives is such an interesting thing to ponder. Happy Birthday and also happy New Year to you all!

    ~ Joy

  10. geewits says:

    That's such a beautiful post, you should print it out and make it into a book: Paco's Awful Year.

  11. unmitigated me says:

    Happy Birthday to Paco! Love that he sometimes "forgets" to be sullen about his situation, and has fun in spite of himself.

  12. kmkat says:

    Paco got a haircut in Paris? We should all be so unlucky 🙂

  13. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    Many happy returns–I adore the photos–he looks like a phenomenal boy to have as a song. And I applaud him for having his own mind, even though his discontent can spread through your camp like cholera.

  14. lime says:

    you will look over the pictures. you will tell your stories of wonder and listen to his stories of woe. somewhere in the middle and with time he will grow into a story of amazing deprivation and marvelous enrichment which he tells to your grandchildren one day.

  15. Deborah says:

    Settling in before sun-up with a cup of tea and a new Jocelyn post was pleasurable enough, I thought. That expression 'to read avidly'?? That was me a few minutes ago. A smile, a laugh, a shake of the head, bigger smiles, a guffaw, a slower shake of the head (these come with the appreciation of superb, fluid, thoughtful writing)and then a growing emotion. Tears in my eyes. The hope that he reads this one day when he's old enough to really know what mother-love is. Maybe he'll be 80 when it happens, or maybe he'll be 16.

    Marvellous and exquisite, this ode to your son. And the picture of the two of them drawing on the rooftop puts, for me, the whole year in persepctive. It made me suck in my breath.

    O Jocelyn, you are wonderful.

  16. Jeni says:

    Speaking as one who has now put in 66 years and 3 months on the planet, I remember a few things from the year I turned 7 -mostly that it was the year I attended 4 different schools and that the summer before my birthday (which is in October) the family that moved into the house next door to ours had 12 children! (And having them as my neighbors put me into 7th heaven too.) I remember moving from the apartment my aunt and uncle had into the old house they bought and all the work taking place as they and my Mom steam layers and layers of old wall paper off and replaced it with new, pretty stuff and the other remodeling work that took place in that house too. Nothing really exciting in that though is there? But I also remember that was the year my cousin Susie almost died -several times -of pneumonia which made life a bit frightening for the entire family every time she developed a sniffle. But otherwise, the year does sort of meld together with ages 6 through 9. (Oh yeah, and I remember one of the banty roosters I had "rode" our new neighbor's oldest granddaughter's back out in the alley between our houses and my Mom had my uncle put an end to that rooster's life then.)But aside from those few instances, I'm quite sure I had a delightful year and had my Mom or grandparents emphasized some things a bit, I might even have remembered more and in depth.
    Now, here's hoping Paco enjoyed his 8th birthday though enough to fill his mind with lots more memories -or fodder for them at any rate! Enjoy, enjoy!

  17. Jamie says:

    Oh, Happy Birthday, Paco!!!

    And Momma, be still my heart.

  18. Mother Theresa says:

    He's going to have way better memories of being 7 and 8 than any of his friends…I mean how many of them will be able to say, "I made art at the Black Sea and danced in the Louvre"? And in a few year's time, that is going to make him so cool to all the girls! Well worth all the other, not-so-fun stuff. So I say to Paco, Happy Birthday, you lucky boy!

  19. Erin says:

    EVERY year I cry when I read your birthday tributes. Loved seeing all the pictures!

  20. monica says:

    Taco for Paco, huh? :o) Oh mommy – you do exactly what you're suppose to: worry, worry. And the 8 year old what an 8 year old should do: make your mommy worry, and enjoy life, wherever it is, and no matter how grumpy one looks!! Happy B, Paco – your life is awesome ( not awful) and all the pics are great!!

  21. SmitoniusAndSonata says:

    By the looks of it , there's the odd passable half-hour in that boy's life ! He's stocking all sorts of experiences that he'll draw on later in what promises to be a life full of creativity , colour and magic .
    Happy Birthday Paco !!

  22. Jim Berg says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Paco.

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