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  1. haphazardlife says:

    Well, I already felt abashed and diminished with regards to what I've done in life.

    Now? I think maybe I'll just roll into a little ball and let myself die.

    – Jazz

  2. Jeni says:

    Amazing! Really, it is. I do admire very much people who have vision like that and can take a heap of what looks like pure rubble and turn it into a thing of beauty as well as usefulness. I have a very good friend here who is like that -extremely talented, particularly in the artsy-crafty area. I always say I wish I had in my body, the amount of talent she has in her little finger. I'd be sooooo happy!

  3. Deborah says:

    What was I sayin' at the last post????

    As much as I enjoy Joel Stein on the back page of TIME magazine, I think you deserve to be there more. I have never been so consistently entertained as I am here.

    Reading you is a bit like watching a French TV commercial – you never know where it's going to go until it gets there. Totally unpredictable, but not nearly as funny as you are.

  4. Star says:

    I am currently in a quandary over what color carpet to choose. Thank goodness there exist people with such great vision. I am really enjoying your posts from abroad.

  5. secret agent woman says:

    This is an area where I discovered relatively late in life that I actually had an ability. I walked into my current house in its untouched since the '50's condition and just saw how it needed to look.

  6. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    That is a visionary, for sure. And how lucky a gal you are to reap the benefits of his vision.

    You really don't like to get out of bed until 10:30?! Me either–and sometimes I don't!

    Also, we are kindred spirits in the rocking of the standardized test. I rocked a 1420 (and I was still a little wasted from the night before) back in 1981!

  7. Mother Theresa says:

    I have enough trouble just decorating my house, which is just rectangular and quite ordinary…I can't imagine trying to put together something as complex as that, not even in my head. That's why I like IKEA, it's sort of like the standardized test of decorating…that's what I'm good at.

  8. lime says:

    yeah, i look at the before and think, "hell if i'm cleaning up that mess!" probably why i'm sitting here in the poconos where heart shaped tubs are the local idea of great inn-keeping.

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