Nice Day for a White Wedding

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  1. monica says:

    Wonderful scenario! At one second you frantically try to find a way of turning a proposal down, the next you feel insulted-like and
    "you don't want me?!!" "ME?"


    have the best of times in Bella Italia – do not resist in indulging in pasta carbonara, and such..

  2. haphazardlife says:

    White wife, we NEED to crack open a bottle of wine one day, you and me.Boo HA!

    – Jazz

  3. Mother Theresa says:

    He'd be lucky to snag such a fine white wife! Especially one with such good taste in wine.

  4. secret agent woman says:

    60 to 0 in how many seconds? 🙂

  5. alwaysinthebackrow says:

    At least your daughter didn't realize what you thought he said….did she? Kids do keep us grounded in one way or another.
    But I say, take it as a compliment either way….a good white wife or white wine. Not so different, after all.

  6. Star says:

    Enjoy Italy! I would love to visit there again. You can practice your feminine wiles on the Italian men!

  7. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    Have a great trip–and find yourself a beautiful red wife.

  8. kmkat says:


    As another who often misunderstands the spoken word — particularly when spoken with an accent — I empathize.

    Doesn't keep me from snorting, though…

  9. Pam says:

    I'm glad he didn't add that unfortunately his white wife at home was cheap…or that he believed a beautiful white wife should be kept down in the cellar, or even heaven forbid, better shared with friends than enjoyed alone. No wonder you needed extra stalling time!
    Here in Australia it is not uncommon to keep beautiful white wife cool, submerged under the river water or stream, while the the picnic food is being unpacked, though some forget the exact spot, or see a bobbing shape off in the distance that makes them wish they'd left the 'beautiful white wife' next to the smelly cheese and chicken sandwiches after all.

  10. Nora says:

    That's great. I hope you weren't let down too much after all. I'm glad you are able to choose such great white wines. You already knew you made a great white wife, or that in any color. Just ask the groom.

  11. Deborah says:

    Oh Jocelyn, you are fabulously good at taking a tiny little incident. which in lesser hands would be nothing more than a tossed-off joke, and wrapping it up in a hugely entertaining story.
    So funny! I never saw it coming. That might even be the best part of it.

  12. tattytiara says:

    Hee hee hee hee hee oh – that was Funny.

  13. Pearl says:

    Aww! How sweet though!

    Around the world, we blush. I rather like that.


  14. Patois says:

    But you WOULD make such a fine white wife. I will have two of you, please.

  15. geewits says:

    I hope you guys have a blast in Italy. And there's nothing funnier than a simple misunderstanding. I loved it! (but you still haven't told me how the toilet paper stays dry in the shower-spraying toilets. I really need to know.)

  16. lime says:

    oh now that is hilarious. bless the sharp progeny you have for setting everyone straight.

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