Blocking the Blog

Hi–This is a friend of Jocelyn’s, here to put up a quick post for her.  Here’s the deal:  a few days ago, the Turkish government started blocking access to Blogger, so Jocelyn hasn’t been able to get to her blog, post, or read comments; even worse, she hasn’t been able to visit the blogs of anyone who uses Blogger.  It’s hard to say how long this block will continue…it could be days, weeks, months, years, eons.  As she tries to riddle out a solution to her blogging woes, the most likely possibility is that she’ll move her blog to a new WordPress site.  If and when that happens, I’ll post a link to it here.  For a bit more explanation of what’s going on with the government blocking access in Turkey (the important thing to know is that it all stems from broadcasts of futbol; it’s never been clearer that you don’t mess around with soccer in certain countries), you can read the article below, first posted at








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