Twenty-Eight First Graders, the Lone Teacher, a Slew of Specialists, and One Shy Girl

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sweetie, you really should get some glasses hidden down there with you, ’cause gin in a dog dish? Meh.. not so much…

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  3. lanaya says:

    I love the locker costume what a great idea. Ha-ha.

    It’s too bad that school’s these days don’t have music in their curriculum. When I was in grade school I took three years of violin lessons and I loved it. They don’t offer that at my son’s school. Although they do offer piano lessons which I signed him up for but he only took for one year.
    My son is also shy and doesn’t know how to ask the teacher for help. At the beginning of this school year (he is in the fifth grade) He had a hard time because his teacher didn’t seem to be very approachable, and he was having trouble understanding what the teacher was expecting of him as far as getting his homework in and then fixing what was wrong. Then turning it back in again for credit. Now that we have met his teacher and addressed those concerns it is all good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    what you need, is a secret food storage. That way, you can hide out from your kid for hours on end without ever having to come out. Maybe you can use your locker-costume for this purpose, also.

  5. Carri says:

    It is a difficult decision, the choosing between schools. When my daughter was in Kindergarten we put her in a private school, and she remained there through 1st grd. It was larger class numbers but the teachers were excelent. Now she in a smaller class setting, and gets much more individual attention. She doesn’t have all the extras that her private school had, but she is almost a grade ahead in every subject. Its a tough call, but as long as shes happy there I would keep her there.

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