Axe Attacks

My brother’s Christmas gift to Paco arrived yesterday.

It’s almost as though my brother understands boys–

because the Gil Hibben Generation 2 Pro Thrower Axe is a dream come true for our lad.

And three of his friends.

Even though an arctic front swept through last night, and it’s a few frozen nostril hairs past frigid on the thermometer, there was no deterring the middle schoolers from their hurling. Paco’s friends hadn’t been prepared for outdoor activity when they came over to hang out today, but despite the -10 degree temperatures and -30 degree windchill, they hucked that axe for a good half hour.

No fair-weather axers amongst my son’s friends. Hardcore all the way.








10 responses to “Axe Attacks”

  1. diane Avatar

    I think my hubby would love that toy, it’s a guy thing.

  2. Joanne Avatar

    The true test is if the second half hour occurs this winter. My youngest granddaughter once said “If I had snow pants I could go out and make snow angels.” One snow angel and the pants have gone unused for two subsequent winters. On the upside, cannot make snow angels in summer, but the can fly.

  3. Joanne Avatar

    “ax can fly.”

  4. kmkat Avatar

    Love the new look! Clean, sleek, sophisticated.

    When I saw this post’s title in my feed, I thought it would be about Axe, the men’s fragrance that all middle school boys like to drench themselves in. A throwing axe is much better.

  5. actonbell Avatar

    Love the new site! And I have never heard of this kind of axe. It’s great to be able to enjoy this weather 🙂

  6. pia Avatar

    Almost as if your brother understands boys. (?) Incredible sentence.

    Glad they hucked that axe!

  7. Maria Avatar

    It always amazes me that schools here on the prairie close if the wind chill goes down to 20 below…but then everyone just goes sledding.

    And that is one hot looking axe…..

  8. Julie Sucha Anderson Avatar

    As the mother of three boys, I totally get that.

  9. Bijoux Avatar

    I have learned a new verb….huck. I’m hoping it can be used for other activities besides axe-related.

  10. Meg Avatar

    That. Is. So. Cool.
    Do you make the friends sign waivers? JK!

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