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  1. Joy says:

    Happy Birthday Jocelyn! For you, lucky you, your 40’s are still about kids, and marriage too, because that’s where you are. The number I am facing, pondering, freaking out a bit about, hitting me in two days, is also divisible by 11 (and 11 away from you now) – 55. I’m not even sure what questions to ask, or how to analyze the past without fighting having regrets, panicking at how fast time has gone by and being desperate for ideas about how to just slow it down going forward. Am I still in a “middle place?” I want the answer to be yes (but that means I am planning to live to be 110?) I liked Steve Martin’s statement when he turned 60, that suddenly all of his long term goals had become short term goals. This number is arriving at a time when many of my friends are retiring and having a fun time of it, causing me to say often under my breath, “Must be nice!”, while I’ve just begun a new demanding job where it is very clear I have much to learn. Happily, as a result of my new job, I’ve gotten a jolt of the me that has confidence I can do it, and rediscovered a sense of me has nothing to do with my age, which is exciting. When I am most in the “be here now” state of mind, my questions about the past and where I’m headed in the future are muted, and that takes off a lot of the pressure caused by asking those questions.

  2. Oh, I don’t know – I’m less than two years from my 50’s and I can’t decide what my 40’s are about. I can tell you it’s been a wild ride of a decade.

  3. Maxine Pihlaja says:

    And in 3 decades you will marvel at what has happened to you and what you have helped to happen in the world and to yourself.
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers were guest artists at a Concert in the Park with the BSO in the 1990s. Whee!

  4. I actually think there is something about 44–I think some of it is actually having a little TIME to reflect.

  5. kmkat says:

    Forties may be about expanding — your career, watching your children grow, rejoining the world after those annoying years of little kids. I had my kids later so my 40s were all about kids. Don’t remember what my 50s were. My 60s seem to be about public service and politics and grumbling about aches and pains.

  6. geewits says:

    Wow. LJ could have been me except I never call anyone “Darling.”
    I guess most women at 44 are just starting or are soon to start the “reclaimed nest” section of their life and relishing the freedom to march around in their underwear all day singing along with the radio at the top of their lungs, but since you had late hatchlings, you are somewhere else. Man, am I helpful or what?

  7. lime says:

    schopenhauer’s quote makes sense. all i know is the more i know the less i know. i should be a right ignoramus by 70.

  8. lime says:

    glad your day was a lovely one though 🙂

  9. Well, thanks for reminding me about two things -One, being that I am 66 and that’s divisible by 11 although I have no clue what special things that may mean and Two, that I read that book, “Passages” way back when I was in my early-to-mid-thirties (I think it was that long ago anyway) and thought then that was my Bible, my guide to how I was thinking/feeling then and would think/feel as time went on. In my late 40s, I went to college for the first time and the goal was to get my B.S. for my 50th birthday. Challenge met, accomplished then has lain dormant since then for the past 16 years as apparently my new found knowledge and degree weren’t enough to help me be employable in the field I had chosen. Now, for lack of anything more exciting to do, I spend my hours like the little old Grandma, stitching away the embroidery stuff and instead of sitting in a wooden rocker while doing that, I use the recliner (more padding ya know so the backside doesn’t ache as much that way) and yes, have a lap robe generally over my legs too. Where I used to wonder over the years about getting cancer, I no longer fret over that since I’ve now had it -and the required treatments -twice in the past decade. In my late 30s, I had the age 44 kind of glued in my brain, figuring if I made it past that age, I was safe. Why that? Because my Dad died shortly before he turned 44 -of cancer -so that was my own brand of superstition I held back then. Now, I figure I am just another boring old lady with nothing to look forward to anymore except senility and that is coming down on me way faster than I’d ever thought it would!

  10. Jazz says:

    In three months I’ll be divisible by 5 – and 10 – is that a milestone?

  11. tattytiara says:

    I have no talent for defining the decades of my life. The fact that I play make believe and dress up for a living might have something to do with that. Here’s what 44 is: it’s what you make it.

  12. Monica says:

    well, happy B day ! can’t help you with the philosophy there, as I just turned 43( March 20), and so you are WAY older than me… But ya know, my blogs name is Finallyfourty, so that should give a hint on my thoughts of being in my fourties…

    so glad you made it through to my blog..

  13. Happy Birthday Jocelyn! I know I’m late, but I’m still sorta on my Barcelona hangover. If it’s any consolation, I still haven’t figured out what it’s all about yet ether, but I figure I can have fun while I get there…if I ever do. I don’t feel much different than when I was twenty-some, in ways I feel much better, but I wouldn’t mind having a fewer wrinkles, I guess, but I guess wrinkles don’t really get in the way of being silly and enjoying life…in fact, they give you an excuse to say, so look at me, see if I care, which is harder at twenty. At least it was for me. Anyway, I hope it was a good one, no, an excellent one, and that every one that follows will be even better.

  14. Happy, happy birthday. I bet you never, ever envisioned spending your 44th birthday in Turkey. Of course, when we were little, we had no vision of 44. At 54, I can’t imagine 64. At 44, well, I don’t quite recall. I think it was good, though.

    I’m so behind on your adventures. Briefly looked at your trip to London and visit with a dear friend. Will catch up soon. Meanwhile, I love the photo of your laundry. And, you look so comfortable at the market.

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