Belle of the Bell

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9 Responses

  1. alexandra says:

    Riveting. Absorbing. You take me away. I could take a class for scene description, or just follow your blog. I think following your blog is the wiser choice. GAH! Your writing, woman.

  2. Leigh Ann says:

    This gave me so many feeeeelings! So very good.

  3. Maria says:

    Ok. I am in the middle of chemo. EVERYTHING tastes like pennies. I snapped at Bing this morning because she was watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and just the sight of food makes me ill. And yet, you have me dying for a CRUNCHY taco from Taco Bell. And I am half sick in love with your Dad.

  4. kmkat says:

    You have a photo of my kitchen floor and another of the Taco Bell at 66th & Xerxes and a description of the doors into the den of the house where I lived from ages 10 to 14, But you had the better father.

  5. actonbell says:

    Aw, your dad was the best! And so was this post. Loved it.

  6. Bijoux says:

    What a savory memory of your father! Would you believe I never had a taco until we had them in a 7th grade social studies class?

  7. Vagabonde says:

    I really enjoyed reading your essay. Your father sounded so sweet. I think I went only twice out to a restaurant with my father all through growing up – both times it was a Middle Eastern couscous restaurant in Paris. This is what I miss from having grown up in Paris – the fast food restaurants. I had never heard of McDonald or Taco Bell in Paris – they are there now though, at least McDonald. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food place – actually we ate there for lunch today, we get the “value meals.” I was surprised to see a Del Taco a while back – I thought they were all gone. I think that when coming from another country this is what I miss – not having the same childhood memories as friends here. Our Taco Bell has been modernized, but I like better the way they looked earlier – like in your picture.

  8. Beautifully written.

    And it got me thinking about how brutal children can be to each other. Believe it or not, I was teased mercilessly for the opposite – for being small and skinny. It took me until I was in my mid-20’s to feel okay about how I looked.

  9. Bone says:

    This brings back memories. We wouldn’t go out to eat much when I was growing up. I guess that was somewhat the norm for my/our generation. But when we did, seems like 80% of the time it was Taco Bell. (10% Krystal, 10% The Sizzler).

    My “eat more” was “you need to put some meat on your bones.” I was thinking of this the other day, as well as how many haircuts I’ve gotten in my life. And I wonder why I’m bald and a bit pudgy?

    Also, re: Dolly Madison… New? Improved? As if they could be improved!

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