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4 Responses

  1. jenny_o says:

    Good to hear you’re getting out and about now. Your recovery has been a long haul, isn’t it?

    (Canadian here, so don’t enter my name! Books are one of the most expensive things to mail – right up there with lead and bricks.)

    • Jocelyn says:

      The recovery is continuing to kick my butt, to be honest. It’s fairly stunning. Who knew? I mean, the surgeon said it was a tough one, but I didn’t know how to believe him until I started living it.

      I have to admit: I really wish it made good sense to send you a book. I would love to do that.

  2. Okay, I want both of them. So here is my first comment. I was a ballerina — way back when — when anyone could be a ballerina if their parents signed them up for lessons. On my list to get to the New York City ballet once in my life.

  3. Shannon Stewart says:

    I want want want want want Girl Through the Glass. You’re talking to someone here who’s bucket list includes the NYC Ballet. And who remembers shyly talking to the principal ballerina in Houston, who was Finnish, Soili Arvola, as one of the best moments of her life. Can’t the decision be made on best what I won story? Here’s mine: My mother’s water broke and she called the doctor who said he would meet her at the hospital. She said she wanted to go to a party first. It was the Texas Exes (UT alumni group) Texas Independence Day party, March 2. We won the door prize — a UT Marching Band album. My father told her to go get it but she said she didn’t think he understood, she couldn’t walk. They went to the hospital and I was born shortly — to my father’s everlasting chagrin, on March 3, not Texas Independence Day although that might have been the case if they went to the hospital earlier. Some technicalities but I’m claiming that as what I won story. When/if I win this book, it will be right up there. 🙂

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