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  • My Breast Hath All Those Pieces Still

      A brief summary, in case you’ve been spending so many hours cruising and that you were too pressed for time to read the last few posts: So I had a break-up, and it took the stuffing out of me, and I cried a lot; and then I had another break-up, which really […]

  • Nothing Can to Nothing Fall (Part III of III)

    (continued from the last post): Once I was plainly dumped, all the energy that hadn’t known where to land during the course of our relationship stopped spinning around up in the air. It came crashing down, thundering in like a freight train. I couldn’t fall asleep at night; to feel as though I had company, […]

  • Nothing Can to Nothing Fall (Part II of III)

      Continuing where the last post left off: Essential to my ultimate disintegration was the beauty of our beginning. For the next few months, I drove to his house—nearly two hours away—at least once a week. He made me feel doted upon, as though I was the final piece to his life’s puzzle. Simultaneous to […]

  • Nothing Can to Nothing Fall (Part I of III)

    Even as it was happening, I didn’t realize we were breaking up. This time, I missed it because I was too busy cataloguing evidence that we were “together.” Certainly, I had acted the part. I drove once, twice, each week the two hours to his place. Once there, I shared his bed, made meals, answered […]

  • “Busted in Ballyvaughn” Eleven years ago, I started to turn my life around economically. However, my romantic life was still facing the wrong direction. It took another year for the About Face of the Heart to take place, for me to realize that I’d spent the bulk of my twenties in a relationship that, while […]