Category: Christmas

  • Take Every Moment As A Gift. Then Twist It.

      “The Bear’s Money” by Louis Jenkins from The Winter Road: Prose Poems Every fall before he goes to sleep a bear will put away five or six hundred dollars. Money he got from garbage cans, mostly. Peo- ple throw away thousands of dollars every day, and around here a lot of it goes to […]

  • Postage-Free But Heartfelt

      Dear Inhabitants of the Interwebs, You Slimy, Three-Eyed Beasts: At this reading, may you be sipping on something mulled, wearing something fuzzy, and not hating those around you.  What’s more:  may you have protein in your belly and a carb in your heart. I offer up to you the following holiday greetings with a shrug of my […]

  • The Meathead

    Although it’s not January 6th yet, I’ve had an epiphany. You see, I got to enjoy a revelation this past Christmas week. It was not a star, a star, shining in the night that drew my focus. There was no Baby Haysoos in a pile of hay what got my attention. It was not the […]

  • Hollyday Wishes

      Wishing you and yours a dry sofa in 2008.