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  • Not So Much My Savior After All: The Pompous Lord Rerun

    In honor of my naturally-red Irish roots; the big drunk that is St. Paddy’s Day; a lack of writing time; and a firmly-entrenched believe that recycling is always good, I’m re-running one of my earliest posts (it had all of three readers!). I wrote a series of tales about Jocelyn Set Loose in Ireland, and […]

  • Chicken for One

    “Chicken for One” Eleven summers ago, I got a job that paid a liveable wage. Ten summers ago, I got over a broken heart. And nine summers ago, I got confident. That summer, I was back in love–with a new feller, someone intriguing and exciting yet damnably inscrutable and taciturn–ready to embark on the extended […]

  • “Busted in Ballyvaughn” Eleven years ago, I started to turn my life around economically. However, my romantic life was still facing the wrong direction. It took another year for the About Face of the Heart to take place, for me to realize that I’d spent the bulk of my twenties in a relationship that, while […]

  • “A Pimped-Up Paddy’s Day” (thanks, Paintergirl, for the pikipimp hook-up!) I’m an Irisher by heritage (that, combined with being a quarter Finnish, makes me strangely silent yet talkative, somber yet jovial, staid yet merry), so in honor of yet another mass-media-manufactured holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, I’m resurrecting a post containing one of my favorite Irish […]