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  • Competitive Potlucking: Party

    Competitive Potlucking: Party

    We had a concept. We had an invitation. We had a guest list. We had promotion. Eventually, the big day arrived. It was time to potluck. Competitively. As always, the set-up took a fair bitĀ of time. Fortunately, after the Children’s Stories Potluck of 2014, we’d set our neighbors’ long tables (borrowed for the event) on…

  • Competitive Potlucking: Promotion

    Competitive Potlucking: Promotion

    The beauty of social media is that it can not only be used to issue invitations to a party, it can also be used to remind invitees of the upcoming event. The hosts can occasionally post a little tidbit to the event page, attempting to wring one or two more responses from the semi-responsive guest…

  • Competitive Potlucking: Invitation

    Competitive Potlucking: Invitation

    My mom had a punch bowl. I do not have a punch bowl. I don’t need one. The only reason I’d need a punch bowl is to hold my excess shoes, the ones I can’t fit on the floor of my closet. Or on the floor of the back porch. Or in my special shoe…