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She changed me. Her name is Keri, and although she started out as a student in a few of my classes, she ended up becoming a friend for life, someone whose innate light defeatedĀ the chillingĀ darkness of her early years. Keri was treated as harshly as a person can be. Yet...

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“The New Joy of…Cooking” There’s no better way to challenge the loyalty of one’s readership than to post a recipe. I could, therefore, entitle this post something Sally Fieldlian like, “You DO like me, right? You WILL come back, even though I’m posting a recipe? I promise it will be...

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Nine Plus a Spare (agus) 44

Nine Plus a Spare (agus)

“Nine Plus a Spare (agus)” Some weeks back, my good pal Dorky Dad (whom, in the weirdness that is Bloggerworld, I wouldn’t know if I ran over with my scooter in front of the Dairy Queen, but whom I nevertheless dote upon) tagged me for the most straightforward meme ever....

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